Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy week...

This week has been busy so far. Daddy left town on Sunday, so we have spent a lot of the week sending him emails and finding New Mexico and Louisiana on the map. Monday and Tuesday were filled with playdates and the park. Today we visited the library for Storytime. Harbin loved the songs and books and was happy to get to return his two books and check out two new ones. Tonight we will pick daddy up from the airport (or Marta)!! YEAH!!! We can't wait to have him home again!
Catherine started crawling a TON this week. She can now move all over the living room and goes from crawling to sitting in no time flat. She is even pulling up on things and standing. Her favorite thing is to pull up and eat the fireplace- not my favorite thing for her to do, so we are working on a plan to discourage that! She is even standing some on her own- ok, well, not for any amount of time, but it's still quite impressive. She will stop crawling, push up on her hands and feet and then just stand up- then she falls on her tushy!!! It's really cute and sort of funny looking since she is barely 2 feet tall!!! As you can see from the pic, she is LOVING the fact that she can now play with ALL of Harbin's toys! She has also started babbling- Harbin thinks she says Momma, but I think she just babbles still.
We haven't done much school this week. We are talking about the days of creation and have studied what GOD made each day. We no longer have a masking tape boat on the floor, now we have 6 masking tape squares labelled 1-6. I have had him go around and hop from square to square talking about what God made on each day. Then we both crash on the couch and REST as God did on the 7th day. Today we made chocolate cookies from scratch and used cookie cutters to make the things God made- animals, stars, plants, people, etc. The cookies even turned out tasting GOOD although they were harder to tell what they were once they cooked.
Well, check back later for more updates on us. We are going camping this weekend for Labor Day, so I am sure I will have lots to tell on Tuesday when we return home!
The mom.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our week...

I will try to update the blog about once a week. Sometimes I may only have time to change the pictures. As you can see, I will keep you up-to-date on Harbin's memory verse and what Catherine is trying each week!!!!

While I'm writing, I will update you on the week so far.

Harbin started "school" this week at home with me. Our memory verse is Genesis 1:1 and he is doing well with it. He can say it with a little prompting, and his favorite part is GENESIS 1:1 which he says with great emphasis and usually is followed by "finger fighting" (a little something he decided would be fun after using his finger to say one!!). We are studying Noah this week and we have done many fun things. In the Memory Verse picture you can see the rainbow he made out of different shapes. He really loved getting to glue all of the shapes on the paper. His favorite thing this week has to be the masking tape boat we made on the carpet. He LOVES it!!! I made animal flashcards and he will put them in the boat- well all of the animals except the fish, duck and dolphin- "they swim in the ocean" he says. He will sit in the boat and play in the boat and has even pulled- yes literally pulled- Catherine into the boat. Needless to say, she wasn't as much of a fan of the boat after getting dragged aboard.

Catherine has started eating green beans this week. It's her first solid food other than cereal, and she just loves it. I made it in our Magic Bullet Blender and it was so easy to do (I am secretly looking forward to pureeing all kinds of new foods for her!!).

Scott has been training for an upcoming triathalon sprint. He did his first trial run last night and was happy to announce that he completed it- even ahead of other people. The actual race is coming up on September 8th.

I enjoyed Ladies Night Out this week and fellowship with friends. I had hopes of finishing the valances for the family room, but haven't had much time to sew this week- school is exhausting!!!

We have a fun weekend coming up... we're visiting Scott's grandparents at Red Top Mountain State Park and we have a wedding on Saturday night. I'll be back next week to update you all!!!

The mom.

It's official...

... I am an internet JUNKIE!!! I have finally jumped on the "blogging" bandwagon!

Seriously, though, I think this will be a much better way for me to keep family and friends updated on the happenings of our family (mostly, our kids).

So, here begins our internet journey!!!

The Tinney Family