Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving and other updates.

WOW!! It has been a long time since I have posted new happenings about our family, and we have a few to share. So here goes...

For starters, many of you already know that we are expecting baby #3 on June 27th. This was a huge surprise to us, but we are thrilled. Harbin has named the new baby, Baby Chik-Fil-A. When we told him we were expecting another baby, he asked what the baby's name was. We informed him that we didn't know what the name was yet, but that he could come up with something to call the baby while it's in mommy's tummy. He asked if it was a boy or girl (how smart is he!!!) and we told him we didn't know that yet. He decided Baby Chik-Fil-A was a good name, and so that's what we call him/her for now! We had our first ultrasound last Tuesday and Scott and I were able to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. We are amazed that Scott will be home for this ENTIRE pregnancy (Scott was at basic for my preg with Harbin and in Iraq for my preg with Catherine)- hopefully we'll both make it through!!!

The holidays have quickly approached us and we have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. Harbin had a blast decorating the Christmas tree this year. We put it up a few days before Thanksgiving because we knew we would be out of town over the Thanksgiving weekend. He put all of the ornaments on completely by himself- of course, they were all about 4 feet of the ground on the lower half fo the tree. Never the less, the tree looks great!!!
We are still in Chattanooga spending Thanksgiving with Scott's family. Mike and Mike (guys from Scott's unit) joined us as we celebrated with all of the Tinney clan. Catherine enjoyed her first Thanksgiving dinner of a turkey meat stick, sweet potatoes, and peas.

Yesterday the girls did their traditional Day after Thanksgiving shopping. This year was our earliest year yet, since all of the stores were opening earlier than usual. We took off about 4am and shopped until 4pm!!! Catherine joined the girls and was an angel the entire time!

As usual the Army has posed us with a new adventure for Christmas this year. Scott is having to go down and cover at Fort Benning (Columbus, GA) for the entire month of December. Fortunately, the kids and I can go with him. However, this means we will be spending Christmas with just the four of us and Kyle, a guys from Scott's unit who is going with him. I will attempt to make a Christmas dinner in our small hotel suite and we will decorate a 3 foot tree I usually put in Harbin's room. We are excited to have Scott home this year and despite our disappointment in not getting to spend Christmas with our extended families, we are glad that Scott is home and safe this year!

Well, that's about all that's new right now. I am working on getting all of my pics onto a website so I can show them all to you, but for now, these few will have to do.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catherine is 9 months!

Just wanted to update everyone on Catherine's 9-month check up. She weighed in at 16 pounds 5 ounces dropping to the 10th percentile. She was 26 inches (also the 10th percentile). The doctor said her iron was a little low and prescribed a daily vitamin, but other than that, she's great!!

The mom.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pumpkins and Candy

Oh my, where to begin.... It's been so long since I've updated because we have been busy, busy, busy. Of course, that also means I have a ton to update on. So I will attempt to go as chronologically as I can remember!!

Scott returned home from Lousiana and we jump started our weekend with Crickett and Alex at the pumpkin farm. The kids had a good time. Catherine like trying to eat all of the stems and Harbin enjoyed jumping in the bounce house (one of his new favorite things), riding the pony, and getting to hold the bunnies in the bunny cage. Fortunately, we escaped the fun at the pumpkin farm, returning with no ponies or bunnies!!!
Later that weekend we all attended Mission's Day at our church where we helped with a block party in a local trailer park. The kids always love playing with the other children, and the rest of us enjoyed handing out hot dogs, face painting and balloon animals (ok, well you all know "I" didn't enjoy the balloons). After missions day we went to our first Hockey game. "Farmer" had free tickets, so we were able to invite Amber, Shaun, Crickett and Alex. Catherine fell asleep on JonJon and slept almost the entire game. Harbin watched with great enthusiasm and cheered the Gwinnett Gladiators to a victory over Augusta.

Sunday, the kids dressed up for the Halloween Festival in my mom's neighborhood. Harbin was a soldier and Catherine was Tinkerbell. Harbin, once again, had a great time bouncing!!

Halloween was Wednesday and we joined some friends of ours at the Trunk or Treat at First Baptist of Snellville. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, it's a blast. People volunteer and park their cars in the parking lot, all lined up. They open their trunks, tailgates, or their whole car and decorate it.
Each vehicle is very unique and always decorated differently. The kids go from car to car and get "pre-screened" candy. It's a great twist on Trick or Treating and takes majority of the "danger" out of tromping to neighbors houses in the dark. They also had tons of food vendors, free games for the kids and OF COURSE- MORE BOUNCE HOUSES!!! Harbin and Catherine had fun joining Gavin (a friend from church) in the festivities.We travelled to Chattanooga after the Trunk or Treat and spent 4 days with the Tinney family. On Friday, we celebrated Skylar (Nov3rd) and Scott's (Nov5th) birthdays. Saturday we attended a fall festival at the church. They had food and football and then we all headed inside to a square dance. As you can see in the picture, Harbin tried to follow a friend's lead, but just got too tired. He conked out in Crickett's arms after the first song and slept all the way home and through the night. Catherine on the other hand, had a wonderful time dancing on daddy's shoulders!!