Friday, August 22, 2008

The Greatest Day Ever

Know who that is??? Keep reading! I guarantee you will by the end.

So last weekend, Scott and I had one of those days that you think is going to be no-so-great and turns out to be one of our most memorable (non-childbearing) days since we were married. Saturday was the Bulldog Dash, which is the fundraising race for the Cross Country team at North Gwinnett. Scott is officially the assistant coach and because of this, we (THE WHOLE FAMILY) drug ourselves out of bed at the ungodly time of 4:15 am to head to the race (Scott had to show up early to help set up). I started out the morning falling in the shower- so hard, that it woke Scott up and he RAN into check on me. I didn't cry, but it took me a bit to get up- only later to find out that I had fallen so hard, not only had I bruised my rear end- I had an imprint of the drain on it too (really, it's not funny- even in the slightest bit).

Anyways, after toughing through showers, breakfast, cramming half awake children into clothes, shoes, and carseats, we made it to the race. Tired and barely able to see- SINCE IT WAS DARK- I made my attempt at being the "good coach's wife" and offering my assistance. Fortunately they needed nothing more than someone to unwrap muffins, so my not-all-together self (did I mention I am NOT a morning person?) didn't seem quite as scattered.

Scott ran the race along with Kevin, a friend of ours from church. It was Scott's best 5K (3.1 miles) time at 19 minutes and 46 seconds. He came in 2nd in his age division and they awarded him a cute, little bulldog trophy- ok, hold up... we all know that bulldogs are UGLY, even if it symbolized his excellence in running and superiority to all but ONE runner in his age group!!! Regardless, he is proud of his trophy and has decided it will look most at home in his North Gwinnett...where their mascot is the bulldog (once again, I reiterate- we ARE NOT GEORGIA fans).

Our morning continued as we headed to my mom's house so Scott could clean up and watch the kiddos while I went to show a lady rental homes. I was petrified since this was my first time out as an agent and the homes I had found were not all available anymore. Needless to say, the morning went alright, and I found her a very nice rental home- right next to the highschool. Bad part- it made me no commission. It happened to be a rental that Scott saw when he was running and because it was not listed with an agent and I told the lady I wouldn't have her pay me out of pocket, I made nothing, except, hopefully, a referral or two.
That afternoon, tired, hungry and grumpy, we all headed to dinner at Maggiano's (thanks Peter, Bev, Adrianne, Steven, Katherine and Ron for the gift card). We stopped to get gas and while pumping, Scott told me to look at the pump. I cringed (since that is not a pleasant sight with all the raising prices), but looked anyhow. Amazingly, it said $2.57- somehow, the computers were messed up and we got a whole tank- and I mean he filled it FULL- for a whole dollar less than posted. What a blessing!!!

Anyways, we continued on to dinner. Maggiano's is one of our new favorite restaurants and serves some of the best pasta dishes ever!!! The kids behaved excellently, despite having been up for over 12 hours already, and our meal was both filling and revitalizing.

After dinner, we set out for the MARTA train. We were all decked out in our Colts jerseys and ready for the Colts/Falcons pre-season game at the Georgia Dome. On our way from the car to the train, we ran into some other Colts fans- obvious by their bright blue jerseys!! They weren't sure exactly where to go, so we told them they could follow us and we would help them get on the right trains and what not. We began to talk to them and found out they were from Snellville and that she was a teacher at a local Elementary school. They took fondly to our children (once again, God graced us with behaved children while in public) and eventually asked the all important question- why are we Colts fans? We explained to them that we were Tennessee Vols fans and Peyton Manning played and since then we have just began to grow our respect for Coach Dungy and the team. We reciprocated and asked them why they were fans. They responded by saying their son plays- we kind of looked shocked and said "for the Colts?"- kind of a dumb question in hindsight. They said their son was the center- since this was a preseason game, we thought maybe he was new or a 2nd or 3rd string player. However, we were wrong- their son is JEFF SATURDAY, the starting center- the one who gives the ball to Peyton every game- the team captain- the SUPER BOWL winning, real-life football player!!!!!!! Of course, we played it cool and made no big deal of it.............................until.......................we ran into them again after exiting the MARTA train. They were seated a few sections over from us (the really expensive seats) and they were down near the field watching the warm ups. Jeff's mom came over and said that she would get him to sign something for us if we had something- we did, Scott had his Super Bowl hat and t-shirt. I gave her a business card (how smart am I???) and told her to email me and we would arrange picking it back up.

The game went great. The kids got a bit restless, but it was fun watching Harbin scream at the players. He never seemed to know who he was rooting for, but he was cheering none-the-less. The Colts won the game, which is impressive for a pre-season football game (Manning wasn't even there).

After the game, our friends (the Saturday's- did I mention their son is the starting Center for the Colts??) waved us over. We headed with tired children (remember, we've been up since 4:15am and it's now midnight) to tell them goodbye. They asked us if we wanted to head down to the buses and get Jeff to sign our stuff in person. So, being the responsible parents we are, we drug our half-sleeping children down to the buses and waiting for the players to come out. We shoved our way through crowds of people with Jeff's mom as she explained to him that we were the sweet family that helped them get to the Georgia Dome. He graciously signed Scott's hat and posed for a shot with the kids (you can see they are thrilled)!!!

We then proceeded to head home on the train, and surprisingly we ran back into our friends and they followed us back to the car!!

So, a day that started out not-so-great ended up being a very memorable day of wonderful family events!! The kids can't appreciate it all now, but one day they might. We were blessed with a healthy run, the contentment of finding a home for a family (whether I got paid or not), a break at the gas pump, a wonderful family dinner, and finally an exciting most-memorable football event!!

Well, I think that does it for now. I am as caught up as I can be, and will hopefully post again soon!!! Thanks for hearing my longest post yet!!

The mom.

Catherine is 18 months (plus a bit)

Once again, I am delayed in my blogging. Catherine actually turned 18 months on August 5th, but in my defense, she didn't have her check up until a little over a week ago. She weighed in at 22 pounds 8 ounces and was a whopping 31 inches long (that's a HUGE growth since her last check up at 12 months)!! The doctor was a bit concerned about the fluid in her ears and the fact that her vocabulary is slight limited for her age. He sent us to see a ENT specialist who said that we may be on our way to tubes in the ears. The ENT specialist wanted to see us back in a month or so to check the fluid in her ears and we would go from there.

Although still limited, her vocabulary has progressed a bit. She says Lydia and Daddy very clearly. In fact, Daddy is about all I hear all day long- *points to Daddy's cup* "Daddy", yes Catherine, that's Daddy's cup-- *points to Daddy's computer* "Daddy", yes Catherine, that's Daddy's computer--*looks out the window* "Daddy", yes, Catherine Daddy's at work "Jeep", yes he's in his Jeep. That's pretty much how my whole day goes- so much for mommy!!!

Anyways, I will keep you all posted on her ear check ups and we will be praying that the fluid clears and her speech picks up and it won't be necessary to get the tubes!

More later.

The mom (who apparently is not as important as DADDY!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tea and Triathlons.

So, I first apologize for not blogging in awhile. I have been swamped with stuff around here and haven't had time to load pictures or write blogs. So, I am about a week behind, which you will see when you get about three blogs in one day while I try to catch up.

Last weekend we headed up to Chattanooga. Crickett, my sister-in-law, threw Lydia her First Tea Party! It was wonderful. Tons of people came to meet Lydia and enjoy some time together. Lydia behaved quite well, letting everyone hold her, and hardly crying at all. Catherine loved the little tea cups and even enjoyed "dining" with one of her friends, Christa, that we don't get to see very often!!

After the tea party, we enjoyed playing in the pool. Catherine is quite the water bug. She will put the swimmies on and just go! She just kicks her feet and wiggles everywhere. Harbin did better in the pool this time too. We were able to convince him that he could touch in the shallow end. Although very hesitant, he tried it and realized that he could walk from one side of the shallow end to the other.

Sunday, we all loaded up very early and went to downtown Chattanooga for the Sportsbarn Triathlon. The entire Tinney family participated in this one!! Scott, Bo, Skylar and Alex did the entire event, while Crickett, Chuck and Melissa, and a friend of theirs, raced in a relay. Everyone did awesome!! This was the shortest tri that Scott has done and he finished in about 48 minutes- it was a 400 meter swim, 8.2 mile bike, and 2 mile run. He placed 8th in his age division out of 41 guys. The kids and I loved to cheer everyone on and we are so proud of them all!!

Well, that concludes our activities in Chattanooga a few weekends ago- stay tuned for a new blog about this past weekend!

The mom.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lydia is 1 Month!

I can't even believe it, but Lydia is one month old today!! She is growing so quickly. She had her well-baby check up today and she was 9 pounds even (50th %ile) and 21 inches long (50th%ile). The doctor said she looked great and everything seemed to be progressing just fine. I have attached some pictures here of the three kids at their 4 week mark. To me, they all look about the same in these pictures- of course, none of them really liked when I would get them naked and put them on the bobby for the pic. You all can decide if Lydia looks like either of the other two- there had been much debate about whether she looks like Harbin, like Catherine, or not like either of them!!!

Also, at the top of this post, I have included some professional pics we had done yesterday. I took mom to get pics of all 4 grandkids for her late birthday present. Surpirsingly enough the kids did an awesome job and behaved very well!!
The mom.

Catherine (up)
Lydia (down)