Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ella is 6 Months Old

Ella is 6 months old and growing like a weed! She seems to have gained a ton of weight over the last few weeks and can now move anywhere she wants by rolling across the floor. She's eating cereal, snack puffs, and strips of tortillas, and now has 2 teeth! Just a few days ago, she learned to say her first word, which I am happy to say was "MOMMA". Unfortunately she most often says it when she is upset and it's more like "mooommmmaaaa," but I guess I can't be too picky. She can sit up on her own for short periods of time, but mostly she doesn't like to be very still so she usualy topples over to her tummy so she can roll where she wants.

Sorry for not having too many pics this time!
The mom.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Blizzard (not the kind that comes with Heath bar in it)

Last week Georgia had an astonishing amount of snow- about 6-7 inches in our area! In fact, schools were closed all week and most parts of town looked like they had been deserted.
On Monday we woke up to a thick layer of snowing and it continued snowing the entire day. Scott was able to get his Jeep out and go get my mom so she could play with the kids in the snow too. She brought over some sleds, we layered up in out "snow gear" (aka, rain boots, random gloves, and anything else that was WARM) and went out to play.
The kids and Scott attempted a snowman, but the snow just wasn't staying stuck together. So, they all took to sledding through the yard. We don't have too many hills, but with a good push and a decent sledding "track" you could make your way through the yard. I attempted sledding once and decided it WAS not good for my inflamed pubic bone (a recent diagnoses of my hip/abdominal pain I've had since Ella was born). Mom, Scott and the kids had fun sledding while I took some pics.
Lydia likes the snow much like I do and would tolerate it in very small time increments before getting too cold and coming inside. Although, just like her mother, she LOVES snow cream and was excited to eat a lot of it once inside and warmed up!
Since Ella was feeling better this time it snowed, she got be bundled up and go outside with us.
We parked her in the stroller on the porch while we played in the front yard and then just before coming in I laid her in the snow to see what she would do. She fussed and I picked her back up (maybe she'll be a snow-hater like Lydia and me)!
Amidst all the fun, we did end up with one sledding injury. Scott pushed my mom on the sled and Harbin decided to jump across the track.........pulling his sled. He made it across in time, but his sled did not and my mom went face first into the sled. We knew it was a bad hit, so we tried to hold back the laughter, but at the same time, it was kind of a funny accident. Harbin's face was priceless. Mom had blood running down the top of her nose and the bridge of her nose started swelling immediately. Harbin knew it was an accident, but had this look of "am I in trouble?" We assured him it was an accident and he wasn't in trouble and we declared a new sledding can cross the track, but not while pulling your sled!
By day three of the snow, we were all about ready for it to leave. We managed to get out that day and go to Cici's Pizza with some friends from church, but pretty much as soon as dark fell, the roads iced again and you had to be sure you were where you wanted to spend the night. Everything from the first day of Co-op to church was cancelled, so we tried our best to stay entertained at home.
Enjoy our snow pictures. It's probably not the last time it snows this season, but hopefully that will be the longest snow for the year. One day is plenty for us unprepared Georgians!!
The mom.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ella is Eating

...solid foods, that is. Just after the holidays we decided to start her on baby cereal. The pediatrician recommends this between 4 and 6 months and with most of my babies I wait until the 6 month mark. Ella is just over 5 months, but she is more than ready for "big girl" food. Because of her sickness and the fact she can't breath out of her nose very well, she has been nursing poorly and is cranky most likey because she is hungry. I don't want her to wean from nursing, but I figured one small portion of cereal each evening couldn't hurt!
She was very excited and even tried to hold the spoon herself. I'm not sure that would have been the best way to satisfy her hunger as it all would go flying everywhere except her mouth.

In addition to baby cereal, she's also been enjoying pita bread, pizza crust and anything else anyone gives her. She also has her 2nd tooth budding through (she's a bit more miserable this time).
The mom.