Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ella is 6 Months Old

Ella is 6 months old and growing like a weed! She seems to have gained a ton of weight over the last few weeks and can now move anywhere she wants by rolling across the floor. She's eating cereal, snack puffs, and strips of tortillas, and now has 2 teeth! Just a few days ago, she learned to say her first word, which I am happy to say was "MOMMA". Unfortunately she most often says it when she is upset and it's more like "mooommmmaaaa," but I guess I can't be too picky. She can sit up on her own for short periods of time, but mostly she doesn't like to be very still so she usualy topples over to her tummy so she can roll where she wants.

Sorry for not having too many pics this time!
The mom.

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