Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This and That....and lots of pics.

So, I haven't posted in awhile- hmmm... wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with the three kids, one husband, new career, and renovated house that are keeping me from getting to the computer- ok, so we all know that's not true, really it's that I never seem to have my camera and my computer on the same floor of my house and I am too lazy to go up/down the stairs to get the other.

Anyways, we have been blessed to have Scott home for the last week or two. He is in the process of outprocessing from the Army (he is done tomorrow HOORAY!), and therefore he has been home with the exception of a few hours of appointments here and there. He has started running with the Cross Country team at North Gwinnett in the mornings and it looks as though he will be one of the assistant coaches for the guys team. Officially work starts for him tomorrow, although the kids don't start back until the 11th of August. I know he is kind of sad about leaving the world of blowing stuff up, but I also know that he is looking forward to teaching and corrupting the minds of young children...uh...I mean, leading them to their fullest academic potential!!

The kids have been going a bit stir crazy at home lately. We are ready for summer to be over (funny how that changes when you are a MOM) and to get back on a schedule. I hope to start back to regular storytime, MOPS, and probably some type of homeschool curriculum. We did manage to get up to the lake a couple of weekends ago and the kids enjoyed the freedom from home. Some friends of ours joined us on Saturday and all of the kids had a good time playing together in the "not so hot" tub.

Lydia had her first trip to church this last Sunday. The girls were very cute in their matching dresses that my friend, Amy, made for them- thanks Amy!! Lydia did pretty well. Of course, she filled her britches on the way in, so by the time I got her changed and we got to Sunday School, she was starving. Once I fed her and put her in the sling, she slept straight through Sunday School and church.

We went to the pool Sunday after church with Farmer. Catherine has become quite the little water bug and was jumping off the side, swimming around with daddy barely holding her, and she loved being thrown up into the air!! Harbin did better this time, even letting Farmer hold him in the pool rather than just staying on the stairs. Lydia enjoyed her first time at the pool and looked adorable in her swimsuit that Aunt Crickett got her. She played in the bouncer kicking and looking around for a little more than an hour.

As for me, I've decided it's about time that I actually do something with my real estate career. For those of you who don't know, I got my license just before Lydia was born and have begun working with Keller Williams Realty. Of course, working is relative, since I haven't actually made any money yet. This week, I have ordered business cards and yard signs and even went into the office today to start making some calls. Hopefully I will start picking up some business, especially if those of you reading this refer me to everyone you know :) pretty please!!! Here's a pic of my new business card!!

Well, that's about all that's new now. I am sure I will have more updates to come.
The mom.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remodeling complete...well...almost

As some of you know, we have been in the process of remodeling a lot of our house. We have taken the carpet out of the family room and put it in Harbin's room and then we put hardwood floors down in the family and dining room, and tiled the downstairs bathroom.

Scott and one of his buddies from work spent all last weekend doing the floors and they have come out great (Harbin helped some too)! Harbin's room got put back together and he loves it. I switched some of the furniture around and he has a lot of room to play with all of his toys in there.

We still have many other projects we would like to work on...painting the kitchen, putting in a backsplash-maybe new countertops, repainting the stairwell, and the list goes on and on and on...

But for now, we are just trying to get rid of some junk we don't need and organize the junk we do need!
Lydia is doing well. She is still a great eater and a wonderful sleeper. Most night she sleeps about 6 hours straight, which has been very helpful in keeping us all energized while we've been renovating. Here are some new pics of her.

More later.

The mom.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!

Lydia got her first sponge bath at home today. She screamed as most kids do once the washcloth touched her, but I was able to get a few good shots of her before and after.

We got out of the house as a family for the first time since Lydia was born. We stopped at Brusters for ice cream on our way to the evenings festivities.

First Baptist of Snellville joined with two other local churches and threw a wonderful 4th of July celebration including a car show, bounce houses, free food, and fireworks. We met up with some friends of ours and checked out all the events.

Catherine tried out the bouncehouse for the first time. She loved it, but never got further than what you can see in the pic!!!

Harbin got his face painted- he wanted a tree.

Lydia slept......and slept...............and slept some more.

We didn't stay for the fireworks because it was late for the kids and we weren't sure that they would like them- in the past, Harbin has been afraid. We did get to watch the Centennial Park fireworks in HIGH DEF on the television (that's my plug for Scott- he got DISH network with HD this week and he thought it warranted a blog).

I tried to get some photos of all the kids together, but so far, this is as successful as I have been. It seems that as soon as I put Lydia down with the other two, they swarm her with kisses- usually making her cry, which means I have to pick her up console her, and start all over. Anyways, here's the best I have gotten so far. I'll keep trying!
I am sure there will be new posts more often now that we are taking pics of every little thing Lydia does. Check back soon!

The mom.

(Oh, and I promise to load the rest of Lydia's birthday photos and put a link to them on the right by the end of today!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

She's Fashionably Late...

We are pleaseed to announce the arrival of LYDIA NOELLE. She graced us with her prescence 26 minutes after midnight, July 1st. Despite being 4 days overdue, she is our smallest baby yet, weighing 7 pounds 3.5 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. As you can see from the pictures, she has a head full of dark hair and a very faint Tinney dimple.

Monday afternoon we went in for our check up and Dr. Grillo determined I was about 3-4 cm dilated and still only 50% effaced. He stripped my membranes (OUCH!!) in hopes of getting labor started. Well, shortly after leaving the office, it was apparent that he aggravated Lydia enough that she decided to retaliate. I was having terrible contractions about 4 minutes apart. We decided to go out to dinner with the kids and see if they continued. After dinner, we called the hospital reporting that my contractions had lasted about 1.5 hours and they told us to come on in. Joanie met us in the lobby to watch the kids until mom could get there and Scott and I headed up to check in.

When we arrived in our room (about 6:30pm), they determined I was now about 5 cm dilated and that labor was progressing. We alerted everyone that had some traveling ahead of them, and we invited the kids on up. At about 8:30pm they had me up and walking to get my contractions a little closer together. After awhile, they checked me and I was 7cm dilated and they decided to break my water. At this point I chose to get the epidural, so they started that and pitocin in order to speed the whole process up. After about an hour of contractions- pain free- I started to feel that "pushing-time" pressure. The nurse decided to see how far I was progressing and since they could see Baby Lydia's head full of hair, they decided to call in the doctor.

Ok, here's the kicker- brace yourselves- ready?
I pushed ONE time- yes, that's right, I said ONE- and Lydia came out!!!!! I have decided that my work was so small this time in delivering that I'll give Scott all the credit- I think he worked harder cutting the umbilical cord than I did birthing the baby!

Anyways, the kids got to come in just after she was born and meet her for the first time. Catherine was sleeping in the lobby prior to that, so she is quite tired- however, as you can see, she is still excited to see Lydia. Harbin kept commenting on how small Lydia was and was quick to ask me how Lydia got out of my tummy. Even Catherine, when asked where Baby Lydia was, recognized that she was no longer in my tummy and was being held by daddy.

We arrived home today about lunchtime and so far there are no complaints. I feel wonderful- best I have felt after any delivery. Crickett is in town helping us out with the other kids, and even she and I went out to a little baby boutique down the road for a bit, while the kids napped at home with Scott.

Lydia is doing great. She is a super eater and likes to nurse a lot. She latches on very well and sleeps most of the rest of the time. I tried to keep from giving her the pacifier, but last night she kept wanting to stay latched on even when she was done eating, so I broke down and gave it to her. Now, she's addicted to it, and I am having a hard time getting pics without it in her mouth.
I promise to put a link on the right as soon as I find a free moment to upload the rest of the pictures. Here are the ones we have for now. Enjoy our new addition to the family!