Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harbin turns 7!

AHHH, my little boy turned 7 this year. Each year it seems like "x" year is SO old. Well, I feel like 7 seems like that too. How did he get to be 7 so quickly! He has shot up lately and I realized just a few months ago that he is no longer a little boy- he almost comes up to my chest and I fear it won't be long before he towers over me! At his 7 year check up he was 45 pounds and about 44 inches tall.

In addition to his height, Harbin is maturing a lot these days. He has begun to have sleepovers, takes on more responsibility in the house and has become an amazing big brother. This year it seems like he is starting to process things more as a young adult (even though I know he's still just my little boy). He is learning things like if you just clean it quick, the first time mom asks, you can just get it over and done. Of course, we still have the normal kid moments when he pesters his sisters or whines that things are going to take "forever" but for the most part his attitude is definitely developing well. And, with Daddy having been gone most of the last year, he has really stepped it up and been the "head of the household". He definitely has a protective and caring heart for his sisters.

This past year Harbin did his first two seasons of soccer and he got to be pretty good. He was quick on his feet and processed decisions quickly on the field. He scored a few goals and really enjoyed getting to play in his first tournament last June. Harbin continued participating in the children's choir at church and has really enjoyed AWANA Sparks. Memorizing verses comes quickly to him and his desire to learn more about Jesus has blossomed. He seems to pick up every little thing they say at church and as I do our devotions at home, you can tell he really remembers and understands the stories.

School has been progressing well for him. Technically he is in first grade, but he's doing second grade math and as usual he reads on a much higher level. He loves most of his school and only sometimes complains.

Harbin awoke ill on his birthday and therefore we had to forgo his breakfast in bed and head straight to the doctor. He and Ella were diagnosed with a viral cold and told to head home and wait it out. At Harbin's request we picked up Burger King for dinner (burgers are his new thing...) and we headed home for him to open his present with Daddy on videochat. He was excited to find a Wii Lego Pirates of the Carribbean game which was super awesome since I had told him he could chill and play Wii all day since we weren't able to go out or go to choir that night. He ended up playing 8 straight hours of Wii!!!!! This is why we have rules and regulations on it other times of the week.....he literally never got up except to potty once. Just before bedtime he was feeling hungry and decided we could eat dinner in bed- he chose spaghetti, which is not exactly the greatest "in bed" food, but we managed. Although I felt sad he was sick on his birthday, I think he did exactly what he wanted and had a wonderful day!

Happy birthday, Harbin.
Love you- Mom and Dad

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the air...

...and the smell of sweet sugar- which at my kids ages is WAY more important. This year Valentine's Day fell on Tuesday which happens to be the day we go to the homeschool coop so the kids got to make and exchange Valentine's. The girls worked super hard to make "flower" suckers made from cardstock hearts glued together with a dum dum as the center. Harbin made Superhero suckers and cut out capes and goggles for each tootsie pop for his friends. Ella didn't help so much in the making of the Valentine's cards, but she liked eating all the candy! They also got to decorate their bags to take to Coop and get their "exchanged" Valentine's.

Love from the Tinney kids,
The mom.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Laser Tag Celebration

We are finally reaching the age of individual parties. This year Harbin was more interested in having his friends go play laser tag than he was in a joint party to celebrate with all the family. I mean, he was more than happy to have two parties-- one of them just had to be with friends at Laser Tag. So, I bought a Groupon, and told him he could invite a few friends and he went without the girls to play laser tag. He was joined by Gabriel F., Dalton, Gabriel C., Samuel, Jacob and Caleb. Much thanks to Derek and John for helping out as dads and going into laser tag with the boys. You can see the cute pic of the boys "huddling up" to plot their attack on the adults.

The mom.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Catherine Turns 5!

I can't believe it but my little girl turned 5!!! She is growing up right before my eyes and it seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. This past year she has grown a lot, mostly in height. She has suddenly gotten significantly taller than Lydia and is developing into quite the little girl.

Her artistic abilities have begun to blossom. She spends hours coloring, painting, and creatively decorating anything. When I go to pick her up from church, she is always still coloring her craft and I often have to make her quit and "finish it at home."

Catherine has continued to enjoy her time in gymnastics. She does everything the teacher asks and she has mastered the backward roll, "skin-the-cat" on the bars and almost mastered the cartwheel.

Singing and performing are definitely a passion of hers. She is currently in our church's Shine Choir which is only 4 year olds. She outshone everyone in the fall performance when she sang to her hearts content and did all the motions with ease.

Though we had some tough times just before and after daddy deployed, Catherine has tamed her sassiness and is really beginning to be a little lady. She has better learned to handle her emotions and it's making her a very pleasant young girl.

Catherine's birthday fell on a Sunday this year and she was very excited to let everyone at church know that it was HER day. Daddy had called the day before to wish her Happy Birthday at midnight Kuwait time, but we woke up early so we could eat breakfast in bed and let Daddy see her open the present he sent heron video chat. She was delighted to open up princess dresses just the right size for the doll she got at Christmas (and the doll she didn't know she was about to get). We finished getting ready for church and she even wore her fancy red dress and the new princess cowgirl hat mommy got her.

After church we met up with Lolli, Aunt Crickett, Grandmommy and Aunt Sarah. Catherine had no idea where we were going and she was so surprised when we dropped the other kids with Pop and Uncle Bo, so she could go to brunch with us at the American Girl Bistro. Her face was glued immediately to all the dolls as we walked through the gift shop. When we sat down they brought her and the doll she got for Christmas a birthday crown. The place was crazy with little girls and their dolls seated at the table. She was in AWE of the whole thing. We ate lunch- she was insitent on only wanting cheddar cheese dip and salad; so that's exactly what she got. After eating they brought her a cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to her. After multiple attempts she got all the candles out- guess it's harder when you don't have brothers and sisters to help you! She finished up her time at the American Girl Bistro by getting to pick out her very first American Girl doll. Fascninatingly enough, this wasn't a hard decision for her. She had her mind on, Julie, a doll with brown eyes and long blonde, straight hair. She grew up in the 70's and came with a cute pair of bell bottom jeans and a peasant top. Catherine used some of her other birthday money to buy the swimsuit that also came with roller skating outfit, which Catherine says is a running outfit. She was so proud to meet back up with Harbin, Lydia and Ella and show them her new doll (and give them a play-by-play of her entire afternoon).

We headed from the American Girl Bistro straight to church (which began early because of the Super Bowl). Catherine was excited to get to bring snack to Cubbies on her birthday so we were able to share cupcakes with all the kiddos and Cubbie bear sang Happy Birthday for her.

From church we headed to my mom's house to finish up an exhausting day with banana splits and more presents.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Catherine will be moving out of the preschool department and will officially begin kindergarten!! She is getting too big too quickly, but she is growing more beautiful every step of the way.

Happy Birthday Catherine,
Love you. Mommy and Daddy