Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Daddy Days

So after the holidays, we only had a few days left with Daddy before he had to return to Kuwait. We headed back home for New Years and we were able to spend some time together watching Courageous at church and then tim with friends at New Years. New Years' Day we were able to meet up with some long time friends, Amber and Shaun and meet their new little boy, Connor. He was so adorable and I can't believe it's been almost 7 years since Amber was holding our first little boy at a restaurant just up the road!!!

The girls had worn their new outfits from Kuwait to church and then we all changed into our Colts gear since we were able to watch the game there. We were fortunate to get a great family pic.

Daddy had to leave on January 2nd. Everyone came over Sunday night to say good bye and his parents, Crickett, Huck, Bo and Sarah joined us in taking him to the airport. He had to be there about 2:00, but we found out his flight didn't leave until 8ish, so we were able to go to lunch and then hang out for a bit at the airport. Good bye seemed better this time. I think the kids were tired of being at the airport and ready to go home, and although they were super sad to leave daddy, they were relieved to be going home. Lydia definitely took it the hardest this time, which I should've figured since she was glued to daddy the ENTIRE time he was home.

We headed back to the house and began our attempt to resume our schedules to help make the time more bearable and go by quickly. A few days after he left, we resumed our funny pics and videos to send to Daddy. You can see the one of them in the bath with their bath foam!!!

Our time with Daddy was great. We were so happy to have him home and the kids were surprised like we wanted. It seemed longer than 15 days, and hopefully the next 6 months will seem short!

The mom.