Friday, April 17, 2009

Lydia is 9 and a 1/2 months

So as usual, I am really late on posting!! Real estate has picked up some for me, so that's definitely a good thing, but it's made it harder to keep up with my blog.

Lydia was 9 months old on April 1st and is maturing so quickly. I would say getting bigger, but that wouldn't be accurate since she is now in less than the 3rd percentile for weight at a mere 15 pounds 2 ounces. For those of you who remember how small Harbin was, she actually weighs 2 ounces LESS than he did at 6 MONTHS!! The doctor's are used to my small kids by now and weren't too concerned. We are going back in May for a weight check, but mostly just to make sure that she is gaining and not losing- trust me the way she eats, I don't think she can do anything but gain!! She was 27.5 inches and I think that's about the 25th percentile for height.

She is talking a lot more now. She babbles a ton, but she can also say "all done", "egg", and "yes". Her favorite word is "hi" and she waves while she says it. She is my little social butterfly and is always waving when we go anywhere- grocery store, church, storytime- doesn't matter who, she waves and says "hi".

Her crawling hasn't really progressed and I don't know that it will. She can scoot efficiently and quickly everywhere and doesn't really care to change that. She will stand alone now and likes to walk holding our fingers. For the sake of my back, I hope she walks alone soon!!

She has recently decided that baby food is out and finger foods are in!! She will eat about anything if I cut it small and give it to her. You can see one of her favorite snacks in the picture- FROZEN PEAS!

Well, more updates to come....hopefully sooner rather than later, but no guarantees!

The mom.