Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tangled in Princesses

We topped off both the July birthday girls with a Princess/Rapunzel (yes I realize she is a princess too, but according to Disney, she still gets her separate tableware) party. We invited all the family and some friend up in Chattanooga and we enjoyed swimming and hanging out at Lolli's pool. The girls were blessed with more presents and clothes and even another swimsuit (a purple one!!!). Enjoy the pics! The mom.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"I a Princess" Ella is 2!

I can hardly believe that my baby girl is 2!!! It seems like just yesterday I was carrying that almost 10 pound baby around in my belly (that memory will likely stick longer than I'd like-haha). Ella is quite a hoot and has a HUGE personality for a 2 year old. She insisted on having an "I a Princess" party, which is what we attempted to do at the pool. Daddy came home the day before, so we opted for a smaller party with Grandma, JonJon, Matthew, Christina and some close friends of ours, Derek and Jamie, and their little girl Zaila. Ella loves the swimming pool and is quite talented at pretty much swimming on her own with her swimmies on. She loves to jump off the edge with the big kids and is always sporting her goggles- on her forehead. Today she enjoyed playing tea set on the side of the pool with Zaila- whoever gave me the idea to bring a tea set to the pool, thanks! Ella has this funny way of being very social one moment and then acting shy and quiet the next. Well, I think she was overwhelmed when we were singing Happy Birthday to her because she just buried her head in Harbin's shoulder (that's her "buddy") and she wanted nothing to do with blowing out the candle. It took her a few moments to recover before she decided she really did want to eat the cupcake, so she better get over her shyness. Ella has grown so much over the last year. She is talking more than ever and in mostly complete sentences. She loves playing with babies and pushing the grocery cart all around the house. Just like the other kids, she loves to perform and is often dancing or singing songs at home. Her biggest development this year has to be how she interacts with Daddy on the computer. He was deployed the entire last year and she loves to Skype with him. I never really explained to her the concept about Skype, but she just knew. She would play peek-a-boo with Daddy and duck down so she couldn't see herself on the screen. Then she'd jump up and say "pee-a-boo". The most impressive thing to me was the time she wanted to read a book to daddy. She sat down in my lap with the book and started to read it and then said, oh, daddy not see it, so she turned it around and put it in front of the computer camera so he could see the book- how smart is that!! Well, enjoy some of these pics of Ella from her party. Happy Birthday, baby girl! Stop growing up so fast! The mom.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Welcome Home, DADDY!

Well, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Daddy came home on a Saturday afternoon after a long delay in Dallas where the weather was keeping planes from leaving. He made it home exactly 1 day before the day he left one year ago (and also 1 day before Ella's 2nd birthday). We were blessed to have a great "welcoming crowd" at the airport with friends from YoungLife, Sunday School, former students, a friend from Scott's schooling at Emory, family, and many others. A few moments that stand out to me have to be when we were all waiting behind the banner. Lydia out of nowhere just says, "If I was naked back here, this banner would hide me." I am not really sure where these thoughts come from, but she is definitely hilarious!!! As we waited for Scott we realized we had to go down to a different location where he would actually be coming down an escalator to us instead of up the escalator. Well each person would slowly come down the escalator and we'd all wonder if it was him. This little old black lady in a HOT pink windsuit came down and Harbin yelled, "It's daddy in a pink suit!!" We all jumped and then laughed hysterically when we saw this lady coming down. I am sure she had no idea we were all laughing at the thought of her being this manly soldier returning home from war!!! When Scott finally did come down the escalator these three little ladies were getting ready to get into the revolving door when they realized the welcoming crowd was for him. They quickly backed up and all but pushed him into the carousel so he could come out and see us all. At one point, the kids had joked about him being invisible and as soon as my nephew, Wesley, saw him he said "Uncle Scott, we thought you were invisible." We were all super excited to see him and he did his best to hug us all and make his rounds to say hello to everyone. A friend of ours was kind enough to video the homecoming and here is the link to that video We are so happy to have Daddy home and I am sure we will have lots of pics of all the fun things we get to do with Daddy soon! Sorry for all the pics this time, but I just couldn't narrow them down! The very-excited-to-have-her-hubby-home mom.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach House Frenzy

Our beach visit this year was a lot of fun with A LOT of kids!!! The Thomas family all went up and we stayed in our house while they stayed in the house next door. All-in-all we had 9 kids, Harbin was the oldest and all the rest were 5 and under! Amazingly enough, the kids had a blast playing together and there were very few conflicts. The older girls, Catherine, Lydia, and Elizabeth became very close and you can see in the pics, that they were often hanging out together. Harbin kind of hovered between hanging with Matthew (the older crowd) and William (the younger crowd). But, definitely through the whole vacattion no one got left out! We created some new memories this year. For starters, someone thought it would be a great idea to bring the baby pool to the beach for the younger kids to play in. After Adrianne and Katherine (Jonathan's sister, not my Catherine) brought bucket loads of water up to fill the pool, it quickly became not only a play place for the little kids, but also became a really large sandbox for the sand fleas! The kids had fun catching the little critters and putting them into the pool. I am not really sure how this is much different than the actual beach since once they dig into the sand, you can't really find them anyway, but they had fun doing it! I had the misfortune of getting a terrible abcess on the back of my neck. It got worse and worse and became extremely painful, so I finally let Stephen use a "sterilized" steak knife to open it up!! Ok, so I know all of you are like "what, are you crazy?" Well, first let me add, Stephen is a doctor and his wife is a former nurse and this thing hurt like CRAZY and it was 4th of July and the ER would have been packed with true crazy people who blew themselves up playing with fireworks. So, all said, this was the best option. Adrianne held my hand the whole time, and I am pretty sure the "surgery" hurt her more than it hurt me. The abcess drained some over the next few days, but continued to get worse and eventually I visited not only the ER, but also my doc at home. The pain and swelling eventually went away once we were home, but for about 2 weeks, I could hardly turn my head it was so painful. One of my favorite nights had to have been our "Actionary" night. This is a new game that Harbin and the kids invented. It's pretty much Pictionary but because most of the kids can't read...we just tell them the word and then they act it out. It was HILARIOUS watching them try to either act out their own version or act out exactly what we were telling them to do. We were rolling in laughter at each point in the game and it really was a special beach house memory. Well, I know I am still many months behind in my blog. I am trying to catch up but it seems like there aren't enough hours in each day. We're closing out a semester, getting ready for the holidays and majorly renovating the house. Each moment is spent working on all of that or sleeping! Hopefully I will be able to get a bunch posted soon! We did get Christmas pics taken, so maybe I'll be able to at least update the top photo soon (although I love that pic of me, which is really RARE). Stay tuned: The mom.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

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The 4th of July is always a "blast" at the beach house. There are fireworks being set up on the beach all day which makes for fun times watching the workers haul them down. Plus, this year we were able to go to Fort Macon for the live canon firing- mommy just loves that :) Well, the kids loved it anyhow. There was a ship passing by on the ocean and I thought it would be funny if Harbin made it look like he was holding the ship in his hand- as you can see, he was less than impressed with my idea. The Fort was hot, so we made our way around sightseeing and then headed back to the beach house to play until the fireworks that evening. The kids had a great time with all their cousins dressing up in their Patriotic clothes and necklaces and running around chanting "USA USA". They got to hop up into the firetruck for a quick look around and then we all headed up to the porch to wait for the big show! This year all of my kids LOVED the fireworks and I was the only one holding my ears. We didn't have as much excitement as last year with all the fires in the sand dunes, but the fireworks were spectacular and you can see from some of the pics that they literally LIT up the sky. Lydia busted her glow stick (she was biting on it) and she came over to show me how she was glowing. I guess that's kind of like being a super hero or something. I hope everyone else had a fun 4th too! We missed Daddy a lot on this holiday that he loves so much and we're hoping that he got to celebrate some too! The mom.