Saturday, July 21, 2012

Welcome Home, DADDY!

Well, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Daddy came home on a Saturday afternoon after a long delay in Dallas where the weather was keeping planes from leaving. He made it home exactly 1 day before the day he left one year ago (and also 1 day before Ella's 2nd birthday). We were blessed to have a great "welcoming crowd" at the airport with friends from YoungLife, Sunday School, former students, a friend from Scott's schooling at Emory, family, and many others. A few moments that stand out to me have to be when we were all waiting behind the banner. Lydia out of nowhere just says, "If I was naked back here, this banner would hide me." I am not really sure where these thoughts come from, but she is definitely hilarious!!! As we waited for Scott we realized we had to go down to a different location where he would actually be coming down an escalator to us instead of up the escalator. Well each person would slowly come down the escalator and we'd all wonder if it was him. This little old black lady in a HOT pink windsuit came down and Harbin yelled, "It's daddy in a pink suit!!" We all jumped and then laughed hysterically when we saw this lady coming down. I am sure she had no idea we were all laughing at the thought of her being this manly soldier returning home from war!!! When Scott finally did come down the escalator these three little ladies were getting ready to get into the revolving door when they realized the welcoming crowd was for him. They quickly backed up and all but pushed him into the carousel so he could come out and see us all. At one point, the kids had joked about him being invisible and as soon as my nephew, Wesley, saw him he said "Uncle Scott, we thought you were invisible." We were all super excited to see him and he did his best to hug us all and make his rounds to say hello to everyone. A friend of ours was kind enough to video the homecoming and here is the link to that video We are so happy to have Daddy home and I am sure we will have lots of pics of all the fun things we get to do with Daddy soon! Sorry for all the pics this time, but I just couldn't narrow them down! The very-excited-to-have-her-hubby-home mom.

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