Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Sports

As the kids get older they've been participating in a few more things. This spring we allowed Harbin and Catherine to pick out a sport or activity they'd like to participate in. Harbin chose soccer and Catherine stuck with gymnastics.

Harbin was excited when we signed him up for soccer with Atlanta Fire, a local soccer club. As a U6 (under 6 year old) player, the games are modified. There are 10 boys on a team and they all practice together once a week. Then, on Saturday they play against another Atlanta Fire team. They split the boys up, 5 to a field and they play 3-on-3. Supposedly they don't keep score, but of course, Harbin always had the official score in his head. He played really well and seemed to enjoy the season. His competitve side was more than I thought it would be, but he was excellent about balancing his competition with encouragement on the field. He always shouted for the boys when he was on the sidelines and did a great job with encouraging when they were on the field. At the end of the season the coach and assistant coach asked him to play in a U6 3v3 Tournament, which he was super excited about!

Catherine did gymnastics at a "real gym" this time (meaning not the classes at the community center). She was a little shy at first- she doesn't like being the center of attention and this time, we were all watching her. She has great confidence in the gym, though, and amazed me at what she could do. She is still working on the cartwheel and handstand, but was excellent at the bars. She had no fear getting up on the high bar and she has the power to just flip around with ease. Although slightly hesitant on the tallest balance beam, she listened to her teachers and did everything that was asked of her. I think she will be excited to do more gymnastics in the fall and I look forward to seeing her get better and better each week!

The mom.