Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost Christmas!!

Wow!! I can't believe that Christmas is just days away. It seems like the month of December has just flown by!! We have been here at Fort Benning now for almost 3 weeks, and things have improved since we got moved to our new hotel. I will spare you the details, but let's just say our accomadations at first were less than comfortable (think, crappy dorm room with frat boys screaming at 5am instead of 11pm). Now we are in a hotel on base that is much more "hotel-like". We have a bedroom and a living area with a small kitchenette. We have a two burner stove, microwave and a toaster and most importantly (not that we need it anymore) we have AIR CONDITIONING!!!

Our activities have been much the same over the last week or so. We've gone to the pool, seen Santa Claus and visited local area activities, including Hollywood Entertainment- an indoor theme park. We went putt-putting and Harbin had a blast riding on some of the small thrill rides. Catherine got to ride her first carousel, and even Scott and I got to join in the fun (more fun if we were about 20 years younger!)

Catherine has been growing and progressing so much since we got here. Her comprehension is so impressive and now I can tell her to go and find her juice/paci/baby and she will go find it. She has picked up sign language since we were down here and uses "please" and "more" all the time. She can do th esign for "eat" but I don't know that she has quite figured out when to use it. I have been trying to teach her "thank you" and she does it like she is blowing a kiss. So pretty much thank you and I love you are the same right now, but that's ok. She has really enjoyed the full length mirror we have in our hotel. She loves to "find the baby" and give her kisses!! (Harbin enjoys himself in the mirror.)

Harbin left Tuesday to go up to Chattanooga with my in-laws. My mother-in-law sets up a huge train display under her tree at Christmastime and she wanted him to be able to play with it some. They are going to bring him back on Friday and babysit both kids so Scott and I can go and celebrate our 5 year anniversary.
It's hard to believe that I am in my second trimester, but this pregnancy just keeps trucking along. I thought it would go slowly, but I am amazed that I am already 13 weeks pregnant!

Well that's all for now. I will wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and will post pics as soon as time allows me after Christmas morning.

The mom.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas at Fort Benning

We've almost been here a week now, and we have found lots of fun things to do around the base. Fort Benning has everything you could need and the kids and I haven't left the base grounds since arriving Sunday evening.

On Monday morning we headed over to Scott's work and the kids (really Catherine just watched) played in the huge sand piles out back. Behind Scott's unit building, there is a "land mine detection training pit" (aka volleyball court). Three HUGE piles of sand had been dumped on the pit and were yet to be spread out. Harbin had fun climbing the hills, getting buried in the sand, and shoveling the sand around. I forgot my camera, but we were able to get a few shots on Kyle's (Scott's team member) camera. I just don't have them yet, so maybe in the next post I can include them.

Tuesday we went to storytime at the post library. It was a bit different than storytime at home, and was super special because Daddy got to join us for his FIRST storytime ever!!! Harbin enjoyed the books and craft and quickly picked out some books to check out (note to self- 3 books is NOT enough when you are in a hotel most of the time!!!).

Wednesday, the kids and I hung out at Scott's office. That evening the guys got the projector going and we ate dinner and watched a movie in the rec area above his office.

Yesterday was probably the best day for the kids. In the afternoon we went to the playground at the elementary school. School had just gotten out, so there were tons of children everywhere. Catherine slept, but Harbin loved having all the playmates. Last night was the Christmas Tree and Menorah lighting ceremony at the church. The military band played Christmas music and the middle school choir/drama team preformed. Harbin was glued to all the instruments in the band. Catherine lost interest after the first speaker started. The best part, however, was when Santa Claus came in on the firetruck. At first Harbin was a bit nervous- he didn't want to see Santa, but thank goodness for long lines. We waited long enough to sit on Santa's lap that he warmed up to the idea. Actually he did GREAT. As you can see from the picture, though, Catherine did not. She was so cute, but utterly terrified!!!

Well that's about it for now. Until next time, we will just be hanging out around the hotel and Scott's office, finding things to do on base that will entertain the kids!!
The mom.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving and other updates.

WOW!! It has been a long time since I have posted new happenings about our family, and we have a few to share. So here goes...

For starters, many of you already know that we are expecting baby #3 on June 27th. This was a huge surprise to us, but we are thrilled. Harbin has named the new baby, Baby Chik-Fil-A. When we told him we were expecting another baby, he asked what the baby's name was. We informed him that we didn't know what the name was yet, but that he could come up with something to call the baby while it's in mommy's tummy. He asked if it was a boy or girl (how smart is he!!!) and we told him we didn't know that yet. He decided Baby Chik-Fil-A was a good name, and so that's what we call him/her for now! We had our first ultrasound last Tuesday and Scott and I were able to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. We are amazed that Scott will be home for this ENTIRE pregnancy (Scott was at basic for my preg with Harbin and in Iraq for my preg with Catherine)- hopefully we'll both make it through!!!

The holidays have quickly approached us and we have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. Harbin had a blast decorating the Christmas tree this year. We put it up a few days before Thanksgiving because we knew we would be out of town over the Thanksgiving weekend. He put all of the ornaments on completely by himself- of course, they were all about 4 feet of the ground on the lower half fo the tree. Never the less, the tree looks great!!!
We are still in Chattanooga spending Thanksgiving with Scott's family. Mike and Mike (guys from Scott's unit) joined us as we celebrated with all of the Tinney clan. Catherine enjoyed her first Thanksgiving dinner of a turkey meat stick, sweet potatoes, and peas.

Yesterday the girls did their traditional Day after Thanksgiving shopping. This year was our earliest year yet, since all of the stores were opening earlier than usual. We took off about 4am and shopped until 4pm!!! Catherine joined the girls and was an angel the entire time!

As usual the Army has posed us with a new adventure for Christmas this year. Scott is having to go down and cover at Fort Benning (Columbus, GA) for the entire month of December. Fortunately, the kids and I can go with him. However, this means we will be spending Christmas with just the four of us and Kyle, a guys from Scott's unit who is going with him. I will attempt to make a Christmas dinner in our small hotel suite and we will decorate a 3 foot tree I usually put in Harbin's room. We are excited to have Scott home this year and despite our disappointment in not getting to spend Christmas with our extended families, we are glad that Scott is home and safe this year!

Well, that's about all that's new right now. I am working on getting all of my pics onto a website so I can show them all to you, but for now, these few will have to do.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catherine is 9 months!

Just wanted to update everyone on Catherine's 9-month check up. She weighed in at 16 pounds 5 ounces dropping to the 10th percentile. She was 26 inches (also the 10th percentile). The doctor said her iron was a little low and prescribed a daily vitamin, but other than that, she's great!!

The mom.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pumpkins and Candy

Oh my, where to begin.... It's been so long since I've updated because we have been busy, busy, busy. Of course, that also means I have a ton to update on. So I will attempt to go as chronologically as I can remember!!

Scott returned home from Lousiana and we jump started our weekend with Crickett and Alex at the pumpkin farm. The kids had a good time. Catherine like trying to eat all of the stems and Harbin enjoyed jumping in the bounce house (one of his new favorite things), riding the pony, and getting to hold the bunnies in the bunny cage. Fortunately, we escaped the fun at the pumpkin farm, returning with no ponies or bunnies!!!
Later that weekend we all attended Mission's Day at our church where we helped with a block party in a local trailer park. The kids always love playing with the other children, and the rest of us enjoyed handing out hot dogs, face painting and balloon animals (ok, well you all know "I" didn't enjoy the balloons). After missions day we went to our first Hockey game. "Farmer" had free tickets, so we were able to invite Amber, Shaun, Crickett and Alex. Catherine fell asleep on JonJon and slept almost the entire game. Harbin watched with great enthusiasm and cheered the Gwinnett Gladiators to a victory over Augusta.

Sunday, the kids dressed up for the Halloween Festival in my mom's neighborhood. Harbin was a soldier and Catherine was Tinkerbell. Harbin, once again, had a great time bouncing!!

Halloween was Wednesday and we joined some friends of ours at the Trunk or Treat at First Baptist of Snellville. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, it's a blast. People volunteer and park their cars in the parking lot, all lined up. They open their trunks, tailgates, or their whole car and decorate it.
Each vehicle is very unique and always decorated differently. The kids go from car to car and get "pre-screened" candy. It's a great twist on Trick or Treating and takes majority of the "danger" out of tromping to neighbors houses in the dark. They also had tons of food vendors, free games for the kids and OF COURSE- MORE BOUNCE HOUSES!!! Harbin and Catherine had fun joining Gavin (a friend from church) in the festivities.We travelled to Chattanooga after the Trunk or Treat and spent 4 days with the Tinney family. On Friday, we celebrated Skylar (Nov3rd) and Scott's (Nov5th) birthdays. Saturday we attended a fall festival at the church. They had food and football and then we all headed inside to a square dance. As you can see in the picture, Harbin tried to follow a friend's lead, but just got too tired. He conked out in Crickett's arms after the first song and slept all the way home and through the night. Catherine on the other hand, had a wonderful time dancing on daddy's shoulders!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Busy Times with No Excitement

So, I haven't written recently because we have been exceptionally busy running around apparently doing nothing of worth, since there is very little to write about. Daddy is still out of town "saving the world (well, simulating saving the world right now), so it's just been the kids and me at home. Anyways, here are some snapshot glimpses of the random things we have done since my last post.

Catherine now has 3 teeth (2 bottom, 1 top) and another top one on the way. Competitive little girl she is- not only did she beat brother in getting her first tooth, she is trying to CATCH UP to him!!!

Wednesday we visited "Farmer" (this is what Harbin calls my mom because that's what comes out when he says grandma) at work. "Farmer" plays volleyball for the elementary school league and this was the first match of the playoffs. Suwanee Elem (Farmer's team) won the best of 3 games against RockSprings Elem. Harbin made a sign for Farmer and helped in cheering her on. He loved getting to yell and scream for her and even got pretty good at "Give me an 'F'- 'F', give me an 'A'- 'A', so on and so forth). Catherine, less enthused, at cheerios throughout the game.

I have been frantically making hair bows all week and attempting to create a website. With any hope I should be on the way to millionare status in no time (ok, so realistically I may be able to make back what I spent on all the ribbon, but I can dream!). Anyhow, be on the look out for my post about my new website and please pass it along to all of your friends and family who may need hair bows.

Pretty much, that's it. We had the regular lineup of events this week, but nothing out of the ordinary or overly thrilling.

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff next week as we have a fun-filled, action packed weekend ahead!

The very-tired-of-teething-babies mom.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My little Tooth Fairy!

Ok, so I am almost a week late posting this, but I am still recovering from the shock that babies can actually get teeth before 16 months!!!! Anyways, I am happy to announce that Catherine got her first tooth last Friday (Oct 5). It is her bottom left tooth and it is just too cute. I promise to post pictures if I can ever manage to get one of it!

Proud momma.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Disney on Ice and the Bohanon Family Reunion

The weekend was filled with adventure and pretending (and very little sleep!). Friday, Catherine, Harbin and myself headed up to Chattanooga for the weekend. Scott was leaving town on Saturday, so unfortunately he couldn't go with us.

We started our weekend by going to see the Disney on Ice: Princess Classics show at the McKenzie Arena. Aunt Crickett took us, Lolli, and some 3rd (?) cousins, Sally and Molly. Harbin and Catherine were appropriately dressed for the occasion. Harbin was wearing his shirt that said Prince Charming on the back of it and a crown that Aunt Crickett made for him. Catherine was in an adorable Tinkerbell outfit that Lolli and Crickett had gotten for her. The show was incredible. The performers are so talented, you almost forget that they are on ice!!! Harbin was afraid at the beginning because of some pyrotechnics, but eventually warmed up a bit. He maintained his serious, contemplative face through the whole show; however, his reenactment of the ice skaters later that night confirmed my suspicions that he really did LOVE the show! Catherine put on her best act, and decided to be A ROYAL fidget through the whole thing. She is definitely not the same as Harbin was at that age. Nonetheless, we had a great time and all the kids were super.

Saturday was a fun-filled day. We all loaded up and drove to the park to watch Cade play flag football. I think Harbin enjoyed the game, but would rather have been out there playing himself!! The day continued with football as we watched TENNESSEE STOMP GEORGIA (that's for you, Jessica and Amber). That evening we had homemade pizza (compliments of Chef Crickett) and played games with the family.
Sunday was the Bohanon Reunion up at Cloudland Canyon State Park. We had lunch and visited with family, and the kids had fun playing with all their distant cousins. After the reunion, Crickett, Harbin, Catherine and I hiked down the canyon to what used to be a waterfall. Unfortunately because of the drought we are having here in GA, the waterfall was non-existent and instead there was just a pool of stagnant water at the bottom. Harbin enjoyed throwing rocks into the water and watching this dog try to catch fish. I was excited to finally use my Moby in the hike hold. I was able to put Catherine on my back and hike with her that way! It felt so much better than carrying her on my stomach- she is getting too heavy for that, and it made the uphill climb much easier on my back.

We returned home yesterday after spending the morning and afternoon in downtown Chattanooga playing in the water- who would've thought we could still do that in OCTOBER!! Now we are home and trying to get back in the swing of things. Scott will be out of town most of the month of October and we miss him a lot. We are getting to talk to him on the phone some here and there, but we will be excited when he returns to us!!!

I didn't take many pics with my camera this weekend, so these are about all I have. I hope to get some from other people and I can load them later.

More posts to come!
The mom.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Cagle Corn Maize

What a blast this past weekend was!!!! We took a family adventure up to the Corn Maize at Cagle Dairy Farms. The kids, Scott and I met up with "Farmer" (that's my mom), JonJon (that's her fiance), his three kids (Adam, Christina, and Matthew) and Gina (that's Christina's friend).

We started our fun by tackling the maze. Scott and I took our kids and the girls through one maze, while Farmer and JonJon took the boys through the other side. The boys finished both sides faster than us, but that's probably because I kept slowing them down- carrying Catherine became quite tiring near the end (especially while moving at the girls' pace).

After the maze, the kids had a blast (no pun intended) shooting corn from the potato guns and jumping on the bounce pillows. Harbin enjoyed trying to ride the kiddie sized tractors, but not nearly as much as last year. He had more interest in doing what the big kids were doing this year. He even got to go on the "Cow Train" with just the kids.

We were able to capture some great photos of our adventure which you can see some of here or click on the link to the right. This will be my new way of sharing pictures. The link will take you to the pictures and you have to type in the password that I have listed next to each link.

Following the corn maize, we headed back to JonJon's house for a cookout and then returned home exhausted and dusty!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Whew! What a Weekend.

Ok, so I have decided that the only issue with this blogging thing is that you all now expect me to update it!!! AHHHH!!!! We've had a very long weekend- good- but long and keeping up with the blog lately has seemed so difficult. As you can see from the pictures on the side (that haven't been updated in over a week), I haven't been able to change things up much recently.

This weekend was our first weekend where we really didn't have a lot of plans. Well, you all know how that goes- no plans means plenty of time for NEW projects. And, as I usually do, I picked the LARGEST project to start (and also one that HAD to be finished in a timely fashion). We painted our entire family room this last weekend. For those of you who don't know, this also includes the dining room and spans majority of our downstairs living space. Anyhow, after late nights this weekend and tons of rearranging furniture, Scott and I were able to complete the project. The color came out a lot darker than we originally wanted, but we LOVE it. I think it definitely makes the room seem more cozy. You can check out the pics and judge for yourself (just don't tell me if you don't like it!!).

This weekend Harbin also attended a birthday party for one of Scott's co-workers children. It was a Transformers birthday party held at Jumping Jelly Beans down in Peachtree City. This is one of those places where they have tons of blow up jump houses and slides and obstacle courses. I thought that Harbin wouldn't enjoy himself as much as the other kids because he has never been all that comfortable on the trampoline (he will only jump if everyone is sitting down). Boy, was I WRONG! Scott climbed in there with him and the first time had to go down the slide with him. After that, he just took off on his own and had the best time ever. He was so tired after an hour and a half of jumping he just burst into tears when we told him it was time to go eat cake and then go home!!!

We were able to squeeze in some football this weekend. The Vols weren't on local TV, so we all loaded up and headed to Applebee's to watch the game. Everyone thought we were so cute in our matching Tennessee outfits (sorry no pic yet, but I'll get one before the season is over).

Well, stay tuned for more updates as the week goes on. This week and weekend should be less hectic, so maybe I will be able to catch up!!

The Covered-in-Paint-My-Back-is-so-Sore- Mom.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm an AUNT!!!!

I officially became Aunt Kimberly Friday night, September 14th at 9:32pm. Kristen spent all day Friday laboring and delivering a beautiful baby boy named Wesley Evan.She did absolutely amazing and I was excited to get to accompany her through the whole delivery process. Baby Wesley was 8 pounds 9 ounces and 20.5 inches long. He has a head full of dark brown hair and an adorable little face.
Wesley was admitted to the NICU Saturday morning because he wasn't eating well and was throwing up bile. I was able to visit him once in the NICU, but wasn't able to hold him. Kristen visits him a lot and has even had success nursing him. She was discharged yesterday and we hope that Baby Wesley will come home tomorrow. He is eating much better and is holding everything down.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have added on here. You can see the link on the right of my website to all of the pics of Baby Wesley!

The AUNT!!