Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas at Fort Benning

We've almost been here a week now, and we have found lots of fun things to do around the base. Fort Benning has everything you could need and the kids and I haven't left the base grounds since arriving Sunday evening.

On Monday morning we headed over to Scott's work and the kids (really Catherine just watched) played in the huge sand piles out back. Behind Scott's unit building, there is a "land mine detection training pit" (aka volleyball court). Three HUGE piles of sand had been dumped on the pit and were yet to be spread out. Harbin had fun climbing the hills, getting buried in the sand, and shoveling the sand around. I forgot my camera, but we were able to get a few shots on Kyle's (Scott's team member) camera. I just don't have them yet, so maybe in the next post I can include them.

Tuesday we went to storytime at the post library. It was a bit different than storytime at home, and was super special because Daddy got to join us for his FIRST storytime ever!!! Harbin enjoyed the books and craft and quickly picked out some books to check out (note to self- 3 books is NOT enough when you are in a hotel most of the time!!!).

Wednesday, the kids and I hung out at Scott's office. That evening the guys got the projector going and we ate dinner and watched a movie in the rec area above his office.

Yesterday was probably the best day for the kids. In the afternoon we went to the playground at the elementary school. School had just gotten out, so there were tons of children everywhere. Catherine slept, but Harbin loved having all the playmates. Last night was the Christmas Tree and Menorah lighting ceremony at the church. The military band played Christmas music and the middle school choir/drama team preformed. Harbin was glued to all the instruments in the band. Catherine lost interest after the first speaker started. The best part, however, was when Santa Claus came in on the firetruck. At first Harbin was a bit nervous- he didn't want to see Santa, but thank goodness for long lines. We waited long enough to sit on Santa's lap that he warmed up to the idea. Actually he did GREAT. As you can see from the picture, though, Catherine did not. She was so cute, but utterly terrified!!!

Well that's about it for now. Until next time, we will just be hanging out around the hotel and Scott's office, finding things to do on base that will entertain the kids!!
The mom.

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