Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is finally here...

Well this past weekend confirmed that fall is finally here. The weather started cooling off (chilly even) and we had a fun weekend of Fall parties and pumpkins.

On Saturday the kids and I went with some friends to the Gwinnett Reading Festival. We did the same event last year and it was just as much fun again. The kids enjoy a free book and tons of free storytellings and games. This year's highlights were climbing in the firetruck and getting to see SPIDERMAN!!!
After the Reading Festival, we met up wtih Scott and went to a Halloween Party our one of Harbin's friend's houses. The kids got dressed up in their costumes and all the kids were so cute. Harbin had a last minute costume change the day of the event- he was supposed to be a football player, but the costume is still too big, so he decided to go as a train conductor. Catherine was a ladybug and got really frusterated with her wings (which was so funny), and Lydia was a Pea-in-a-Pod- she LOVED her costume and was so comfy, she just fell asleep.
The party was great. Catherine loved to play in the sandbox and spent most of her time in it. Harbin had fun running around with his friend Gabriel and racing the other kids.
We carved pumpkins, but the kids weren't too much interested in it. Catherine liked looking at the goop but neither kid liked to touch it. Harbin had fun drawing the face on the pumpkin but quickly gave up on carving it (good thing his momma likes that kind of stuff).

Sorry I have been so bad about posting, but my computer has been having major-on-it's-deathbed issues, so I haven't been on as often and when I am, I try to do crucial things like checking emails and paying bills. We are hoping to get some fall pictures this week at the pumpkin patch so hopefully I will have those up later this week.

The mom.