Saturday, March 20, 2010


So for the older two kids birthday's my mom got them gymnastics classes. They're both in different classes because of their age and they had their first lesson last Friday.

Catherine has about 8 girls in her class and Harbin has one other boy and one other girl in his. They both looked ready an set to go on their first day even though I know they were both very nervous. Unfortunately I can't go into the room while they have class, but I was able to get a few pictures of them through the teeny window in the door.

Very rarely are my two older ones split up, so it was neat to get to see them interact when they were done- they discussed what they did and were excited to hear that the other did that too!

The class is 6 lessons long and I know that they will enjoy it. The last class we are allowed to come in and watch, so hopefully I will be able to get better pictures then!

The mom.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice...

...that's what little girls are made of- and apparently the only thing Scott and I eat since all we can make are girls! Yep, that's right, three in a row. Poor Harbin is going to be a busy big brother protecting all his little sisters!

A little over a week ago we went and had our ultrasound. Our little girl looks great and everything is progressing well. She is measuring right on target for her due date of July 18th and she weighed a whopping 15 ounces!

After much debate and thought, we have finally decided on a name for our little girl. This is the first baby that we haven't had named as soon as we found out what we were having, but it's gets harder as you have more children :) Anyways, I fell in love with a name that is also the name of Scott's great-grandmother and we also wanted to honor another of his great-grandmother's with her middle name. So we have decided on .....................


We are all getting excited about little Ella. I am feeling her move a lot more now and Scott has been able to feel her move too. Lydia is so cute and now when you ask her where the baby is she will point to my tummy and say "Baby Sissy". She is also pretty funny the way she says Ella because the "L"s get way over pronounced. Harbin was a ittle disappointed in the beginning that we weren't having a boy. I think he was really hoping for a little brother, but he is now coming to terms with it. He told me just the other day that he was now excited it was a baby girl because he didn't remember what Lydia and Catherine looked like as babies- strange logic, but I'll take it!

Anyways, now we get to patiently await her arrival in July!
Stay tuned for some new posts in the next few days/weeks!
The mom.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change the name before she is born if we so choose- even if it's for no good reason at all!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Horsies and Chocolate Sprinkle Spoons

Ok, so maybe this isn't the best blog post to combine, but they were both things I thought were cute enough to share but maybe not big enough to be worthy of their own post.

The other day we the kids were playing in the sunroom and Lydia started yelling "Horsie, Horsie". Harbin came in and told me that Lydia had spotted some deer in the backyard. Apparently I am doing a poor job of homeschooling since Lydia thought the deer were horses. Either way, it was pretty cool to watch them out the sunroom windows. They just hung out in the backyard for awhile and even took a little nap in the grass. The great thing was that they didn't seem to notice me and the kiddos in the sunroom watching them!!

The other pics you see are of the chocolate sprinkle spoons the girls and I made. Harbin got to go to Grandma's the other day, so the girls and I decided to make a suprise for him. We dipped plastic spoons in chocolate fondue and then turned them over onto wax paper. They sprinkled them with sprinkles and we put them in the fridge to chill. Later that evening the kids ate them like suckers and the next morning, they used more chocolate spoons to eat their cereal. (Hmmm... I wonder if chocolate spoons would make them eat their veggies too!!!) Anyways, for you non-crafty moms out there, these are super easy gifts you can make for teachers, neighbors or just for fun. If you use chocolate bark instead of chocolate chips, it will solidify better and then you can wrap the spoons in colored cellophane and tie with a ribbon- their great to stir coffee, hot chocolate, or eat with cereal or ice cream!!

Enjoy the few pics and the short random post.
The mom.