Sunday, March 7, 2010

Horsies and Chocolate Sprinkle Spoons

Ok, so maybe this isn't the best blog post to combine, but they were both things I thought were cute enough to share but maybe not big enough to be worthy of their own post.

The other day we the kids were playing in the sunroom and Lydia started yelling "Horsie, Horsie". Harbin came in and told me that Lydia had spotted some deer in the backyard. Apparently I am doing a poor job of homeschooling since Lydia thought the deer were horses. Either way, it was pretty cool to watch them out the sunroom windows. They just hung out in the backyard for awhile and even took a little nap in the grass. The great thing was that they didn't seem to notice me and the kiddos in the sunroom watching them!!

The other pics you see are of the chocolate sprinkle spoons the girls and I made. Harbin got to go to Grandma's the other day, so the girls and I decided to make a suprise for him. We dipped plastic spoons in chocolate fondue and then turned them over onto wax paper. They sprinkled them with sprinkles and we put them in the fridge to chill. Later that evening the kids ate them like suckers and the next morning, they used more chocolate spoons to eat their cereal. (Hmmm... I wonder if chocolate spoons would make them eat their veggies too!!!) Anyways, for you non-crafty moms out there, these are super easy gifts you can make for teachers, neighbors or just for fun. If you use chocolate bark instead of chocolate chips, it will solidify better and then you can wrap the spoons in colored cellophane and tie with a ribbon- their great to stir coffee, hot chocolate, or eat with cereal or ice cream!!

Enjoy the few pics and the short random post.
The mom.

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