Thursday, May 13, 2010

Harbin and Catherine finished up...

Harbin and Catherine finished up their 6 week gymnastic class at the actual gymnastics gym. Grandma and JonJon were able to join us to watch the finale and the kids were so adorable.

Catherine's class is first and it's all little girls. She definitely looks like a little gymnast in her leotard. Her teacher commented on how strong she was on the bars and I was proud that she was the only one who just put her feet right up into the "pretzel" without any help. She seemed to be a bit more cautious on the balance beam, but since the class is usually at the community center, this was the girls first time on the big beam.

Harbin has a class with a few girls and one other boy, which I think added a nice dynamic for him. He was very proud to show us his cartwheel and he was also great on the bars looking just like a monkey. He surprised me that he didn't hesitate at all on the balance beam and walked backwards without much hesitation.

They both received certificates of completion and were so excited to go home and watch the video I took (I rarely videotape stuff, so this was a huge treat for them). As you can see, Lydia became unimpressed with watching sissy and brother and almost looked like she would fall asleep on the floor!!!

The mom.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crickett's Beach Wedding

This last weekend we traveled down to Navarre Beach on the panhandle of Florida. Crickett, Scott's sister had a beach wedding there and Scott, the kids and myself were all a part of the wonderful occasion.

The kids and I traveled down early Thursday morning so we could arrive in time to help with some of the wedding preparation. I was pleasantly surprised that they all traveled so well and we only made one stop during the 6.5 hour trip and that was for gas, a bite to eat and a potty break. The kids enjoyed napping, singing songs and coloring in their coloring books. They only got antsy during the last 45 minutes and truth be told I was too!! We could see the beach and yet we weren't there yet, so it was hard to be patient!!!!!

The house we were all staying in was gorgeous and we got to work as soon as we arrived helping with cupcakes (ok, so was really tired and ony tackled shaking sprinkles). That afternoon we went to the pool which was REALLY cold and then came home to find the little bird you see in the first few pics inside the house. The poor bird flew off the couch and straight into the sliding glass door. The boys moved him outside and eventually he flew away.

Friday was packed with bridesmaid happenings including a trip to the nail salon, the rehearsal and dinner, and finally an evening of making all of our bouquets. Surprisingly, flower arranging was A LOT of fun!!! Scott arrived that evening just in time to help keep the kids from ruining the flowers!

We were slightly afraid of rain on Saturday, but fortunately the weather held out. It was super windy and a little overcast, but all-in-all I would say it was perfect. The wedding was beautiful. Scott's cousin and I played a flute duet- except I was eating so much of my hair because of the wind, it often was a solo for Beth!! The children behaved pretty well and did a decent job of standing up front. During the unity song, Lydia screamed the song Jesus Loves Me (not the official unity song), but thanks to the wind, I think there were very few of us who heard her. The reception was hosted by the "Chuck" Wagon (the Chuck Tinney Philly Cheesesteak Wagon, that is) and everyone enjoyed the food. The kids were well entertained playing in the sand and Lydia enjoyed making her "snowballs". As you can see from the sleeping pic of Lydia, they were worn out!!

Scott and I were able to catch the bride and groom leaving the beach house and headed for their cruise- Harbin chased them down the road, reluctant to let his Aunt Crickett go without him!!

We finished up the weekend with a trip to the small beach in the neighborhood (these are the non-slideshow pics) and because of the rain we ended up leaving a bit early.

Enjoy the wonderful pics and CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ceccotti!!
The mom.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

AWANA Awards Night

This year, both Harbin and Catherine were involved AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) at First Baptist Church in Snellville. Catherine was a "Puggle" this year and Harbin was a "Cubbie". Catherine learned principles such as "God loves you" and "God made me" while Harbin memorized over 35 Bible verses.

At the end of each year, the Cubbies do a drive in movie night and they bring in cardboard cars to sit in while they watch a movie. Harbin and Scott worked on his for a few nights and he ended up with a really cool tank. He even wore Scott's cavlar helmet then entire movie and I think it weighs about 10 or more pounds!!

We finished up the year with an awards ceremony and the kids got to go up on stage and get their awards for all their hard work. Harbin and Catherine can't wait to start next year when all three will be involved- Lydia will be a Puggle, Catherine will be a Cubbie, and Harbin will be in Sparks!

The mom.