Thursday, May 13, 2010

Harbin and Catherine finished up...

Harbin and Catherine finished up their 6 week gymnastic class at the actual gymnastics gym. Grandma and JonJon were able to join us to watch the finale and the kids were so adorable.

Catherine's class is first and it's all little girls. She definitely looks like a little gymnast in her leotard. Her teacher commented on how strong she was on the bars and I was proud that she was the only one who just put her feet right up into the "pretzel" without any help. She seemed to be a bit more cautious on the balance beam, but since the class is usually at the community center, this was the girls first time on the big beam.

Harbin has a class with a few girls and one other boy, which I think added a nice dynamic for him. He was very proud to show us his cartwheel and he was also great on the bars looking just like a monkey. He surprised me that he didn't hesitate at all on the balance beam and walked backwards without much hesitation.

They both received certificates of completion and were so excited to go home and watch the video I took (I rarely videotape stuff, so this was a huge treat for them). As you can see, Lydia became unimpressed with watching sissy and brother and almost looked like she would fall asleep on the floor!!!

The mom.

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