Monday, October 1, 2007

Cagle Corn Maize

What a blast this past weekend was!!!! We took a family adventure up to the Corn Maize at Cagle Dairy Farms. The kids, Scott and I met up with "Farmer" (that's my mom), JonJon (that's her fiance), his three kids (Adam, Christina, and Matthew) and Gina (that's Christina's friend).

We started our fun by tackling the maze. Scott and I took our kids and the girls through one maze, while Farmer and JonJon took the boys through the other side. The boys finished both sides faster than us, but that's probably because I kept slowing them down- carrying Catherine became quite tiring near the end (especially while moving at the girls' pace).

After the maze, the kids had a blast (no pun intended) shooting corn from the potato guns and jumping on the bounce pillows. Harbin enjoyed trying to ride the kiddie sized tractors, but not nearly as much as last year. He had more interest in doing what the big kids were doing this year. He even got to go on the "Cow Train" with just the kids.

We were able to capture some great photos of our adventure which you can see some of here or click on the link to the right. This will be my new way of sharing pictures. The link will take you to the pictures and you have to type in the password that I have listed next to each link.

Following the corn maize, we headed back to JonJon's house for a cookout and then returned home exhausted and dusty!!!

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Jessica said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you found a bow for Catherine's hair - it looks adorable. Sorry I missed your call - we're having a really busy month. I'll try to call you tomorrow, but no promises :)