Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Disney on Ice and the Bohanon Family Reunion

The weekend was filled with adventure and pretending (and very little sleep!). Friday, Catherine, Harbin and myself headed up to Chattanooga for the weekend. Scott was leaving town on Saturday, so unfortunately he couldn't go with us.

We started our weekend by going to see the Disney on Ice: Princess Classics show at the McKenzie Arena. Aunt Crickett took us, Lolli, and some 3rd (?) cousins, Sally and Molly. Harbin and Catherine were appropriately dressed for the occasion. Harbin was wearing his shirt that said Prince Charming on the back of it and a crown that Aunt Crickett made for him. Catherine was in an adorable Tinkerbell outfit that Lolli and Crickett had gotten for her. The show was incredible. The performers are so talented, you almost forget that they are on ice!!! Harbin was afraid at the beginning because of some pyrotechnics, but eventually warmed up a bit. He maintained his serious, contemplative face through the whole show; however, his reenactment of the ice skaters later that night confirmed my suspicions that he really did LOVE the show! Catherine put on her best act, and decided to be A ROYAL fidget through the whole thing. She is definitely not the same as Harbin was at that age. Nonetheless, we had a great time and all the kids were super.

Saturday was a fun-filled day. We all loaded up and drove to the park to watch Cade play flag football. I think Harbin enjoyed the game, but would rather have been out there playing himself!! The day continued with football as we watched TENNESSEE STOMP GEORGIA (that's for you, Jessica and Amber). That evening we had homemade pizza (compliments of Chef Crickett) and played games with the family.
Sunday was the Bohanon Reunion up at Cloudland Canyon State Park. We had lunch and visited with family, and the kids had fun playing with all their distant cousins. After the reunion, Crickett, Harbin, Catherine and I hiked down the canyon to what used to be a waterfall. Unfortunately because of the drought we are having here in GA, the waterfall was non-existent and instead there was just a pool of stagnant water at the bottom. Harbin enjoyed throwing rocks into the water and watching this dog try to catch fish. I was excited to finally use my Moby in the hike hold. I was able to put Catherine on my back and hike with her that way! It felt so much better than carrying her on my stomach- she is getting too heavy for that, and it made the uphill climb much easier on my back.

We returned home yesterday after spending the morning and afternoon in downtown Chattanooga playing in the water- who would've thought we could still do that in OCTOBER!! Now we are home and trying to get back in the swing of things. Scott will be out of town most of the month of October and we miss him a lot. We are getting to talk to him on the phone some here and there, but we will be excited when he returns to us!!!

I didn't take many pics with my camera this weekend, so these are about all I have. I hope to get some from other people and I can load them later.

More posts to come!
The mom.

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Crickett Ashley said...

You are an amazing storyteller!!!!
It sounds like we had an amazing weekend and well come to think of it we did!
I love your pictures....and I am so glad to have had so much fun with you guys this weekend!
Lets do it again really soon!!!!
Love you,
Aunt Crickett