Friday, October 19, 2007

Busy Times with No Excitement

So, I haven't written recently because we have been exceptionally busy running around apparently doing nothing of worth, since there is very little to write about. Daddy is still out of town "saving the world (well, simulating saving the world right now), so it's just been the kids and me at home. Anyways, here are some snapshot glimpses of the random things we have done since my last post.

Catherine now has 3 teeth (2 bottom, 1 top) and another top one on the way. Competitive little girl she is- not only did she beat brother in getting her first tooth, she is trying to CATCH UP to him!!!

Wednesday we visited "Farmer" (this is what Harbin calls my mom because that's what comes out when he says grandma) at work. "Farmer" plays volleyball for the elementary school league and this was the first match of the playoffs. Suwanee Elem (Farmer's team) won the best of 3 games against RockSprings Elem. Harbin made a sign for Farmer and helped in cheering her on. He loved getting to yell and scream for her and even got pretty good at "Give me an 'F'- 'F', give me an 'A'- 'A', so on and so forth). Catherine, less enthused, at cheerios throughout the game.

I have been frantically making hair bows all week and attempting to create a website. With any hope I should be on the way to millionare status in no time (ok, so realistically I may be able to make back what I spent on all the ribbon, but I can dream!). Anyhow, be on the look out for my post about my new website and please pass it along to all of your friends and family who may need hair bows.

Pretty much, that's it. We had the regular lineup of events this week, but nothing out of the ordinary or overly thrilling.

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff next week as we have a fun-filled, action packed weekend ahead!

The very-tired-of-teething-babies mom.

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Happy Birthday, Scott!!!