Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This and That....and lots of pics.

So, I haven't posted in awhile- hmmm... wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with the three kids, one husband, new career, and renovated house that are keeping me from getting to the computer- ok, so we all know that's not true, really it's that I never seem to have my camera and my computer on the same floor of my house and I am too lazy to go up/down the stairs to get the other.

Anyways, we have been blessed to have Scott home for the last week or two. He is in the process of outprocessing from the Army (he is done tomorrow HOORAY!), and therefore he has been home with the exception of a few hours of appointments here and there. He has started running with the Cross Country team at North Gwinnett in the mornings and it looks as though he will be one of the assistant coaches for the guys team. Officially work starts for him tomorrow, although the kids don't start back until the 11th of August. I know he is kind of sad about leaving the world of blowing stuff up, but I also know that he is looking forward to teaching and corrupting the minds of young children...uh...I mean, leading them to their fullest academic potential!!

The kids have been going a bit stir crazy at home lately. We are ready for summer to be over (funny how that changes when you are a MOM) and to get back on a schedule. I hope to start back to regular storytime, MOPS, and probably some type of homeschool curriculum. We did manage to get up to the lake a couple of weekends ago and the kids enjoyed the freedom from home. Some friends of ours joined us on Saturday and all of the kids had a good time playing together in the "not so hot" tub.

Lydia had her first trip to church this last Sunday. The girls were very cute in their matching dresses that my friend, Amy, made for them- thanks Amy!! Lydia did pretty well. Of course, she filled her britches on the way in, so by the time I got her changed and we got to Sunday School, she was starving. Once I fed her and put her in the sling, she slept straight through Sunday School and church.

We went to the pool Sunday after church with Farmer. Catherine has become quite the little water bug and was jumping off the side, swimming around with daddy barely holding her, and she loved being thrown up into the air!! Harbin did better this time, even letting Farmer hold him in the pool rather than just staying on the stairs. Lydia enjoyed her first time at the pool and looked adorable in her swimsuit that Aunt Crickett got her. She played in the bouncer kicking and looking around for a little more than an hour.

As for me, I've decided it's about time that I actually do something with my real estate career. For those of you who don't know, I got my license just before Lydia was born and have begun working with Keller Williams Realty. Of course, working is relative, since I haven't actually made any money yet. This week, I have ordered business cards and yard signs and even went into the office today to start making some calls. Hopefully I will start picking up some business, especially if those of you reading this refer me to everyone you know :) pretty please!!! Here's a pic of my new business card!!

Well, that's about all that's new now. I am sure I will have more updates to come.
The mom.

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Jessica said...

Love the business card!! Great picture. It was good to see ya'll last week?? 2 weeks ago?? I can't keep up. Talk to you soon - I'll try to answer my phone :)