Wednesday, July 2, 2008

She's Fashionably Late...

We are pleaseed to announce the arrival of LYDIA NOELLE. She graced us with her prescence 26 minutes after midnight, July 1st. Despite being 4 days overdue, she is our smallest baby yet, weighing 7 pounds 3.5 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. As you can see from the pictures, she has a head full of dark hair and a very faint Tinney dimple.

Monday afternoon we went in for our check up and Dr. Grillo determined I was about 3-4 cm dilated and still only 50% effaced. He stripped my membranes (OUCH!!) in hopes of getting labor started. Well, shortly after leaving the office, it was apparent that he aggravated Lydia enough that she decided to retaliate. I was having terrible contractions about 4 minutes apart. We decided to go out to dinner with the kids and see if they continued. After dinner, we called the hospital reporting that my contractions had lasted about 1.5 hours and they told us to come on in. Joanie met us in the lobby to watch the kids until mom could get there and Scott and I headed up to check in.

When we arrived in our room (about 6:30pm), they determined I was now about 5 cm dilated and that labor was progressing. We alerted everyone that had some traveling ahead of them, and we invited the kids on up. At about 8:30pm they had me up and walking to get my contractions a little closer together. After awhile, they checked me and I was 7cm dilated and they decided to break my water. At this point I chose to get the epidural, so they started that and pitocin in order to speed the whole process up. After about an hour of contractions- pain free- I started to feel that "pushing-time" pressure. The nurse decided to see how far I was progressing and since they could see Baby Lydia's head full of hair, they decided to call in the doctor.

Ok, here's the kicker- brace yourselves- ready?
I pushed ONE time- yes, that's right, I said ONE- and Lydia came out!!!!! I have decided that my work was so small this time in delivering that I'll give Scott all the credit- I think he worked harder cutting the umbilical cord than I did birthing the baby!

Anyways, the kids got to come in just after she was born and meet her for the first time. Catherine was sleeping in the lobby prior to that, so she is quite tired- however, as you can see, she is still excited to see Lydia. Harbin kept commenting on how small Lydia was and was quick to ask me how Lydia got out of my tummy. Even Catherine, when asked where Baby Lydia was, recognized that she was no longer in my tummy and was being held by daddy.

We arrived home today about lunchtime and so far there are no complaints. I feel wonderful- best I have felt after any delivery. Crickett is in town helping us out with the other kids, and even she and I went out to a little baby boutique down the road for a bit, while the kids napped at home with Scott.

Lydia is doing great. She is a super eater and likes to nurse a lot. She latches on very well and sleeps most of the rest of the time. I tried to keep from giving her the pacifier, but last night she kept wanting to stay latched on even when she was done eating, so I broke down and gave it to her. Now, she's addicted to it, and I am having a hard time getting pics without it in her mouth.
I promise to put a link on the right as soon as I find a free moment to upload the rest of the pictures. Here are the ones we have for now. Enjoy our new addition to the family!



Amy said...

Lydia is beautiful. I can't wait to meet her. Your family looks precious in all the pictures

Amanda Rogers said...

Beautiful look so great so soon after delivery! Lydia is gorgeous...can't wait to meet her :) Take care all...we miss you!!
-rogers family