Sunday, June 29, 2008

Backyard Bible Club

This past week was a neat and exciting week for Harbin. With the new baby on the way, we weren't sure that he could attend our church's Kids Camp this summer, so instead we let him visit a friend's house for a Backyard Bible Club.

First, let me explain how the week worked. Joanie, our friend, was one of many mom's at their church who hosted a daily VBS in her yard. The goal was to allow the children within the neighborhood to attend, free of charge, and without having to travel to the church. Two people from the church came out each day and played games with the kids, taught a short Bible lesson, and helped the kids make a craft.

So, on Monday, we set out to Joanie's house (not too far from ours) and joined about 4 or 5 other kids for the Backyard Bible Club. Harbin was hesitant at first-I think a little confused that we weren't just going to play with his friend Sam at Sam's house. However, as the morning progressed he warmed up to the idea.

Throughout the week Harbin looked forward to each morning when we would head over to Sam's house and play with his "new friends" (as Harbin called them). He had a blast playing water games and making crafts. Catherine even got the hang of how to play with the big parachute.

At the end of the week, the church held a free carnival on the church campus with games for the kids, snow cones, lunch and of course, Harbin's favorite- bounce houses. Sam and Harbin had a blast bouncing around, fishing for candy, and getting their faces painted. Even Catherine got her face painted- and of course a sucker to keep her happy while they painted it.

Anyways, many thanks to Joanie and Grace Fellowship church for hosting such a wonderful thing for the kids. We were excited that Harbin could attend some kind of Bible study this summer before Lydia's arrival and the chaos that will soon overcome our house!!
Once again, I hope my next blog will be about our new addition, although I make no promises. Apparently she is either the most content or most stubborn child ever. I head to the OB this afternoon to see what they say- I am 3 days overdue, but hope that she will still decide to come on her own without an induction!!!

The mom.

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