Friday, August 1, 2008

Lydia is 1 Month!

I can't even believe it, but Lydia is one month old today!! She is growing so quickly. She had her well-baby check up today and she was 9 pounds even (50th %ile) and 21 inches long (50th%ile). The doctor said she looked great and everything seemed to be progressing just fine. I have attached some pictures here of the three kids at their 4 week mark. To me, they all look about the same in these pictures- of course, none of them really liked when I would get them naked and put them on the bobby for the pic. You all can decide if Lydia looks like either of the other two- there had been much debate about whether she looks like Harbin, like Catherine, or not like either of them!!!

Also, at the top of this post, I have included some professional pics we had done yesterday. I took mom to get pics of all 4 grandkids for her late birthday present. Surpirsingly enough the kids did an awesome job and behaved very well!!
The mom.

Catherine (up)
Lydia (down)

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Jessica said...

Hmmm - in person, I thought she looked not so much like either of them. But in these pictures, I'm seeing a resemblance to Harbin. Interesting...