Friday, August 22, 2008

Catherine is 18 months (plus a bit)

Once again, I am delayed in my blogging. Catherine actually turned 18 months on August 5th, but in my defense, she didn't have her check up until a little over a week ago. She weighed in at 22 pounds 8 ounces and was a whopping 31 inches long (that's a HUGE growth since her last check up at 12 months)!! The doctor was a bit concerned about the fluid in her ears and the fact that her vocabulary is slight limited for her age. He sent us to see a ENT specialist who said that we may be on our way to tubes in the ears. The ENT specialist wanted to see us back in a month or so to check the fluid in her ears and we would go from there.

Although still limited, her vocabulary has progressed a bit. She says Lydia and Daddy very clearly. In fact, Daddy is about all I hear all day long- *points to Daddy's cup* "Daddy", yes Catherine, that's Daddy's cup-- *points to Daddy's computer* "Daddy", yes Catherine, that's Daddy's computer--*looks out the window* "Daddy", yes, Catherine Daddy's at work "Jeep", yes he's in his Jeep. That's pretty much how my whole day goes- so much for mommy!!!

Anyways, I will keep you all posted on her ear check ups and we will be praying that the fluid clears and her speech picks up and it won't be necessary to get the tubes!

More later.

The mom (who apparently is not as important as DADDY!)

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Amanda Rogers said...

she's so cute!!! yeah, marc had the same problem when he was 13 months...the doc was concerned with his speech...he got the tubes and he had a speech explosion!! Plus, all those nasty ear infections were getting to be too much :( Anyway, loved the pics....she's so adorable, and pretty just like momma! take care :)