Sunday, March 1, 2009's a southern thing.

Ok, so not really. But you do have to live in the south to understand why we call this a blizzard.

We headed home from Chattanooga yesterday and were excited to drive into some snowy weather. When we arrived home there was a great ground cover of snow and the kids quickly got dressed in our snow clothes, well...everything we own that's warm... and went to play outside.

Harbin enjoyed the snow and had no problems making snow balls, snow angels and snowmen/women. Catherine liked the snow until she got hit with a snowball and then began to cry. Lydia is definitely my child and pretty much hated the snow after the first 5 minutes. She smiled nicely for a few pics and then screamed until we took her inside where she promptly smiled and played.

School was cancelled today, which means Scott gets to stay home with us. We are enjoying having him home and I think he is enjoying the break. We haven't braved the cold to play outside again today, but we are enjoying looking at the snow from inside our warm house!!!

The mom.

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Amanda Rogers said...

Wow! I can't believe y'all got more snow than we did an hour north! We got about an inch, then when we got out of church..POOF! was gone with the sun...glad y'all enjoyed it!