Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scenic City Duathlon/Triathlon

A few weekends ago, we traveled up to Chester Frost Park in Tennessee, for Scott and Harbin to compete in their races. Harbin did his first Duathlon and Scott competed in the Scenic City Sprint Triathlon.

Harbin was super excited about doing his race. He even got new tennis shoes for it, since his unprepared mommy forgot to pack his other ones. The duathlon consisted of a half lap around the building run, a full lap bike and then a half lap run back to the finish. The didn't keep times or declare a winner, but he got a medal for his great finish!!

The rest of the weekend was spent camping and enjoying the beautiful weather. We even made it to the swim area to spend a little time in the sun and sand. Lydia had never been to the "beach" before and was very fascinated with the sand. She didn't try to eat it, which I was shocked about, although she did get some sand in her mouth from trying to eat the shovel. She loved to crawl in the sand since it was so soft on her little knees.

Harbin and Catherine had fun digging in the sand and playing in the water. They even got to ride in the inflatable boat to get over to the swim area.

Scott's race was Sunday morning, early as usual. Our friends Derek and Jamie joined us this weekend, and Derek, Scott and Alex (Scott's littlest brother) all competed Sunday morning. The guys did awesome and we were impressed with their times considering all of the hills on the course. Scott finished faster than last year and got 4th in his age division.

Enjoy all of the pictures!
The mom.


Jessica said...

Great pics! Love Lydia's clothes :) (and Catherine's pigtails!) Hope to see you guys soon!

Jim and Ally Garrison said...

Too cute! You got some great shots!