Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ella is 8 Months Old

8 months old and getting bigger everyday. I thought the transition from 6 to 7 months was huge, but I think this month it's been bigger. Ella is now talking a lot more frequently and tries to copy sounds. She can pull up on everything and walk around the couch as she pleases. She enjoys crawling as fast as she can so she can always have someone in sight and she's quite mischeivious. Ella is the new tornado in our house, taking only minutes to pull the books and diapers off the shelves and her favorite, dumping out my basket of hangers.

She still adores her siblings and crawls on them with ease. She likes to try to steal toys from the girls and LOVES to wrestle Harbin. She's a strong little girl and has a death grip like you could never imagine. Her comfort when she is trying to go to sleep is to pinch my face- ask anyone who sees us regularly and they can tell you I'm used to it. She pinches my nose, my neck, anything really, and boy she pinches hard!

Towards the end of February we went to Young Life camp at Sharptop Cove where she got a chance to visit the volunteer medic. We were feeding her on the table and she reached for my soda can. She fell over and hit it so precisely with her eyebrow, the can didn't even tip over. Instead the impact split her eyebrow open and it immediately started swelling. The medic made her a small bandaid and she was fine. Unfortunatey she still has a small scratch from where she hit, but we hoping that more time will help it heal without a scar.

Just recently the weather has been beautiful so we've been having time to go outside and play. Ella has been pulling up on the toys and sitting on some of the riding toys. The kids want to push her around, but she's still not steady enough. She does like riding in the wagon while Harbin pulls her around the yard.

Stay tuned for more Ella pics and posts!
The mom.

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