Saturday, March 9, 2013

NCO Competition

Scott was selected to compete for his unit in the NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) of the Year board. He won for his area and went to Fort Stewart near Savannah, GA to represent his area in the State Competition. He did physical fitness tests, ruck marches, land navigation, written essays, weapons drills, and other mini-competitions all culminating with the "Board" where he sits in front of high ranking soldiers and answers questions they ask him about current events, army history, politics, etc. The competition lasted 3 days and midway through, he told me we were invited to join them for the Awards Banquet Saturday night. Harbin and Catherine had games that morning, but we sped out of the park and made record time to Fort Stewart where we changed into "fancy" clothes in the elementary school parking lot before meeting up with Scott on base. The kids were quite adorable at this function and it was a great lesson in manners and etiquette at an important formal function. And to top it off, SCOTT WON!!! I mean, the kids were like, "we knew daddy would win," so we should have known they were right, but we were so excited to know that he'd competed so well and earned this great honor of representing the State of GA at the Regional level of competition. We were also proud of his fellow soldier, Benjamin Lacrosse, who was awarded the Soldier of the Year and would be accompanying Scott at the regional competition. Oh yeah, and we got to stay in a hotel that night, which is always an added "cool factor" for the kids when we go somewhere. Congrats DADDY! We're proud of you! The mom.

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