Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow and Spaghetti

Alright, so there's no link between snow and spaghetti (thank goodness for that). It just happens to be what I had on my camera at the same time!!!
Last night was Catherine's first experience with spaghetti!!! Of course, as with anything, she loved it, however she got MESSY!! I never recall Harbin getting this messy, although he has always been my particular child. She was so bad, that I just carried her and the bumbo up to the shower. I sat her on the floor of the bathroom to get towels and before I knew it she had dumped what was left of the spaghetti and was playing peek-a-boo with the bowl. Oh well, at least the bathroom floor is easy to clean up!!!

Now to the fun stuff!!! We have gotten TONS of snow today (well for GA anyhow). It started snowing about 11 and we went out to play in it about noon. We were out for an hour before I started to get too wet and cold. I am hoping to dry some stuff out (since we wore every warm thing we own all at once) and maybe go play a bit more in a few hours.
Harbin had a blast playing with the neighbor girls. They gathered up snowballs and put them in a wagon and they made snow angels on the ground. Harbin ran to the garage and got his baseball bat and they played "Snowball" (Harbin came up with that on his own). He was well dressed in his ski bibs, snow boots, and ski jacket!!!
Catherine loved it too, although she wasn't able to get down on the ground to play. Since she can't walk yet (although she took 8 consecutive steps on Thursday) I didn't want her on the ground getting soaking wet. She did very well at keeping her hat and gloves on and enjoyed sucking on a snowball.

I put my camera in a ziploc bag to take the pics, so some of them are better than others. I think I got some good shots. These are just a few and by the end of the day I should have a link to the rest!!!!

The mom.

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Jessica said...

I'm so jealous! All it's done here today is rain, rain, rain - that annoying drizzle that makes getting out of the house no fun. Of course, we went shopping anyway :) See you next week - Can't wait!