Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yesterday evening we experienced our first snow in a long time (or ever, as in the case of Harbin and Catherine). It started flurrying around 5:30pm and lasted until about 8 when it turned into frozen rain. Harbin was very fascinated by it at "Farmer's" house, but didn't really get to play in it until we got home. He rushed in and found his snow boots (yes, we live in GA and he has actual snow boots!). I put a hat on Catherine and we headed outside (in the dark) to play with the snow.

Harbin was afraid at first when I threw a snowball in him, then he decided he wanted to throw some. He couldn't quite master getting enough snow to make a ball, so he had me make them so he could throw them. Somehow it doesn't seem quite right that I was making snowballs that were to be thrown at me. Anyways, Catherine just wanted to touch the snow and of course- EAT IT. She dropped a small piece down her sleeve and was unfazed until it started to melt, then she started trying to shake it out.

We didn't get great pictures because it was dark and since Scott is out of town, I was trying to take pictures while holding Catherine. The one's of her are taken without me even looking through the viewfinder, and are about the best I could do.
Enjoy the new pics and the snow- if you too are getting it!!!
A freezing cold mom.

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