Monday, February 11, 2008

Atlanta Zoo

We had a wonderful family day filled with fun at the Zoo!!! We had planned to take Catherine to the Zoo on her birthday, but since she was sick, we had to reschedule. Scott had the day off of work and we decided to head out to the Atlanta Zoo. I haven't been since I was in Elementary school in Augusta and Scott hasn't been in awhile either. Catherine has never been to the Zoo and this was Harbin's first time at the Atlanta Zoo. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was sunny and just warm enough.
Harbin said that his favorite animals were the Giraffes and the Elephants. Catherine seemed to like the turtles. She pointed and said "Ta" everytime we saw a different turtle. The Giant Turtle was her favorite.

We all got a kick out of watching the Orangutan's swing from the trees. Scott later tried it on the monkey bars- not quite as swift and agile as the orangutan, but an excellent attempt nonetheless.

At the petting zoo, Harbin enjoyed getting to touch all of the animals. He didn't hesitate at all and got to pet the sheep, goats, and pigs. Catherine wasn't so sure about petting them, although she did get to touch the pig.

They had a playground near the zoo exit, where the kids had fun playing. Harbin even helped his little sister by catching her at the bottom of the slide.All-in-all, it was a wonderful trip. After seeing the Kangaroo's, Scott got a craving for Outback, so we stopped for dinner on our way home. I am excited to go back to the zoo (it's really not that expensive at all)!! Check out all of our Zoo pictures tomorrow by looking at the link on the right.

The mom.


mlsummerall said...

too cute! i always enjoy getting te updates on your sweet family. have ya'll had the appt to find out the sex of number 3??

Jessica said...

I want to go to the zoo - that sounds like fun! Christa says to tell Harbin Happy Valentines Day and she hopes he feels better soon and he should come and visit her soon because she misses him. She wants to know why he told her she was his best friend and then didn't call?