Sunday, February 17, 2008

Harbin turns 3

Friday, February 15th, was Harbin's 3rd birthday and in tradition Tinney baby style, he woke up with a fever. Forunately this was his second day of feeling yucky and by mid afternoon his fever had gone away without meds and he was well on his way to feeling better.

For lunch, we asked Harbin what he wanted to eat and he said chicken and french fries. We decided on O'Charley's. Although they don't sing anymore, they did bring him his own birthday dessert and we sang as a family.

After much contemplation, we decided that after his nap he seemed well enough to go to the Jumping place near our house. They do a party for kids every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month and it happened to coincide with Harbin's birthday.
Catherine and Harbin had a blast playing. Catherine enjoyed the big slide and even got to where she would go down by herself.

Harbin was hilarious!! Our usual shy and reserved child (well in public anyhow) was outgoing as ever. They put on a bubble show and asked if anyone wanted to try- without hesitation, he jumped right up front and took the bubble wand from the lady. Later, he joined the kids in playing with the parachute, eventually getting bored with that and deciding that jumping was much more fun.

We travelled upstairs to the "treehouse" for pizza and popcorn. While waiting for the pizza to arrive, the lady asked if anyone wanted to sing karaoke. I don't think Harbin fully understood what she was asking but after one child sang the Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song, Harbin had to try- trust me, he's no stranger to the microphone. He jumped up there and made up words to the entire song (since my poor deprived child has no idea who Sponge Bob is much less the words to the theme song). After eating, they recognized the 4 birthday kids that were there and asked if any of them wanted to say anything. Harbin was by far the youngest, but he jumped right up to the microphone and sang Happy Birthday to everyone. He was absolutely adorable!!

All-in-all he seemed to have a good birthday. It started out a little rocky, but as the day progressed he felt better and played hard that evening.

Oh, and the picture of Harbin with Spiderman- he is showing Spiderman the Spiderman on his shirt!!
The mom.

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Jessica said...

Adorable! I would have loved to see Harbin at the microphone! We need to get the kids together again soon! Where did ya'll get to see Spiderman at?