Thursday, June 11, 2009

AWANAS Awards Night

Hi! It's me again- the mom who is a month behind on everything. Anyways, Harbin had his AWANAS awards ceremony at the end of the school year. He was so cute in his little vest walking up on stage with all the other "Cubbies". I got the best pictures I could, but unfortunately my camera's short lens broke, so all I had to work with was my zoom lens. I looked like a terrible mom because I didn't join the other moms on the front row to snap pictures- if I had, I would have only had shots of his nose!!!! So, I stood way in the back and got the best shots I could.

For those of you who don't know, AWANAS- Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, is a Wednesday night program Harbin has attended since August. Each week, we had a story out of his workbook to read and he had a bible verse to memorize. Over the course of the year, he memorized over 40 versus (although I don't know that they stuck in his mind cululatively yet). He would receive patches for reciting his versus (they should really have given me more notice about the committment I was taking on sewing patches on ALL THE TIME!!!).

We are so proud of him!! He had a great time meeting lots of friends and his teacher, Ms. Kathy, was great. I truly think the experience helped contribute to his decision to accept Jesus into his heart this past January!! Everything we teach him at home is reenforced at AWANAS and we appreciate the hard work each teacher puts into the life of our little one!!

Oh, and I almost forgot one of his favorite things. You can see the picture of him sitting in his cadboard car. He helped me make that so he could sit in it at the "DriveIn movie Night". It was adorable to see all the kids in their cardboard cars!! He was excited because he had one of the few cars that had a steering wheel that actually turned (yes, I know, I AM the best mom ever)!!!

Check back soon for more updates!
The mom.

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