Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For Sale


Our house is finally up on the market. We left for the beach almost three weeks ago and it has been on the market for almost 2 weeks. We figured there was no way we could have it "show ready" without getting out of it, so our hope is to be gone all summer! We are praying that the right buyer will come along and buy it before we head back home!!

We have had great activity on the home with lots of showings. No offers yet, but we aren't losing hope!!

Here are some pics. For those of you who come to my house regularly, you will see that we did a ton of work to get it ready! We painted Catherine's room back to aneutral color, painted our master bath, painted the deck, finished up some of the trim around the hardwoods, finished out Harbin's room, and cleaned a lot. We packed up a ton of stuff and shoved it in the garage for now.

If you know anyone who needs a house in Snellville, please send them our way!!
Here's a link to the listing online!

The mom/Real Estate Agent

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