Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Independence Day

...I guess more specifically I should say The Fourth of July since we have
"independence day" almost everyday in our home (something about having a 2 year old).

We celebrated in Chattanooga this year and didn't make a huge event of it, but we had great fun. For lunch, we had a pool party/cookout with the Tinney's and the Rankin's (Scott's brother, Bo's fiance's family). The kids enjoyed the swimming pool and over our stay Harbin and Catherine started getting brave. Harbin was jumping off the diving board (with swimmies) and Catherine had no fear swimming around in her swimmies.

Later that evening our family and some of Scott's family traveled to the drive in theater where we enjoyed a small fireworks show before watching Ice Age 2 and Night at the Museum 2. Since the movies don't start until dark, the second movie lasted until almost 1am and Harbin stuck it out. The little ones left, already asleep after the 1st movie, but they seemed to enjoy the popcorn until they crashed.

We are back at home now, so I will hopefully be catching up on blog posts on a more regular basis. Future posts include...
...A Cousin's Aquarium Trip
...Lydia's Watermelon Birthdays
...The Wedding- Bo and Sarah
...Tri-ing for a cure. Scott's Triathlon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
...Say Cheese
...Finally a vacation

Check back soon!
The mom.

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