Monday, August 24, 2009

Watermelon and Cake

Since we were traveling a lot this summer, we didn't have time to celebrate Lydia's birthday altogether as a big event, so instead we had three smaller events- one in Florida, Chattanooga and Atlanta. In Florida we celebrated as a family and ate at her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster (ok, any restaurant with food is her favorite, so we let Scott pick). The kids picked out gifts that they gave her and she even got a small smash cake (our waiter earned his tip). On the way out, the kids all got to touch the lobsters and Lydia was so fearless, we thought she might even give one a kiss.

Both the Atlanta and Chattanooga parties were similar with a watermelon theme and brightly colored pink and green decorations.

She LOVED the cake (a mommy's girl for sure). In Chattanooga, we were at the park and she was sitting on the ground eating cake with the other kids. Eventually she got up, collected forks and started eating everyone's cake. In Atlanta, she definitely had fun shoving handfuls of cake in her mouth, icing everywhere.

We appreciate all of the wonderful gifts she received and the time everyone took to celebrate with us.

Enjoy all of the pictures.
The mom.

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