Friday, October 23, 2009

2 Flower Girls and a Ringbearer

Scott's cousin, Beth, got married on September 19th and all three of our kids were in the wedding. We were a little concerned with Lydia being so young and afraid to walk down the aisle, but boy were we wrong. She thought she owned the place and it was Catherine who got scared. Catherine walked down the aisle and turned around and saw me, burst into tears and fell asleep in my lap for the wedding. Lydia on the other hand is our busy child- she spent the enitre wedding dumping flowers out of her basket, then picking them back up, then climbing up the two stairs, then climbing down, then wandering around and finally just before the end of the ceremony she spotted me and came running. Harbin of course was excellent and stood rather patiently at the front of the church and escorted the girls nicely back down the aisle.

Sadly my camera battery was dead, but these are a few of the pics I got before the wedding.

The mom.

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