Thursday, October 29, 2009


Scott and I volunteer every Monday night with a group called Young Life. It's an outreach group for high schoolers whose goal is to show them the characteristics of Christ and how much He loves us. We attend club every Monday night with all of our kids (who have become quite attached to a lot of the students there). We also try to involve ourselves in the lives of these high schoolers by going to their sporting events, hanging out with them, and just overall being concerned with their life.

Farm-o-ween is a annual event that is held the club before Halloween. It's a big party for the kids where they dress up and play games like Bobbing for Bass (yes, the fish), Pumpkin Bowling, Toss a Vacuum, and Whack and Appliance. It's mad chaos and involves Young Life groups from around the county.

Scott and I decided not to take the kids this year because Harbin was out of town, Catherine has been afraid of everything (thought the costumes would not be a good plan) and Lydia would have been trampled. We got the opportunity to dress up and as you can see from the pics, we were also pied in the face a few times.

I worked hard on our costumes and was pretty proud of how well they came out. The kids seemed to like them, and I am hoping to tweak them a bit so I can use them again in yars to come.

Enjoy the pics of the adults for once!
The mom.

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