Sunday, November 1, 2009

Imagine It

As part of homeschooling this year, we have started attending some field trips with other homeschoolers. This last week we went to the Homeschool Day at Imagine It, which is the Children's Museum here in Atlanta. We decided on this day because it was the Curious George exhibit and the theme was "Let's Get Curious."

We met up with our good friends, Joanie, Sam and Sarah, as well as Lolly, Aunt Crickett, and Uncle Alex. The program started with a cute musical that incorporated songs, dancing, and even some children volunteers. After the musical, we headed to the classrooms, where Harbin participated in a Math class and a Science class. They did hands-on activities that were for preK to 2nd graders. In math, he learned about probablility by using colored M&M's. In science, they talked about vibrations and even got to make string telephones.

After the classes, the kids got free reign of all the activities the museum had to offer. They loved getting to explore. Lydia especially liked the water table where she got to "fish" for different animals. Catherine liked to play "Grocery store" and you can see in the pics, she found some new friends who wanted to play with her. Harbin ran from one thing to another and enjoyed all the activities.

The whole day was wonderful (well except for the very wet walk back to the car). I recommend the museum to all my friend with small children. They had plenty for all three of my kids to do and the actual museum isn't so large, so I was able to let them wander a bit and didn't worry about it.

Check back soon for more field trip recaps. We are headed to the zoo this week which should also prove to be super fun!

The mom.
PS- Take note of the REALLY GOOD pic I got of ALL 3 of my kiddos!

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