Monday, November 9, 2009

A Duck, a Pig, and a Pirate

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Lydia went as a duck (thanks Kassi for loaning me the cute costume). Catherine decided she wanted to be a pig, so I decided she could be kind of like Miss Piggy and I made her a tutu and a pig nose and ears. Harbin wanted to be a pirate and he had a great Jack Sparrow costume in his dress up box.

Before Halloween, we spent a homeschool unit on Fall, where we studied some things like spiders and pumpkins. To wrap up the unit, Harbin and I made a spider cake and we did a pumpkin lab. The spider cake turned out great, the pumpkin lab not so much. We were supposed to weigh the pumpkins, then count the seeds in them. He got tired of counting, so I ended up forcing him to help me count amost 300 seeds in each of the 4 pumpkins. Next year, I guess we will get a group of kids together, so we each only have to count for one pumpkin.

Halloween night, the kids dressed up and we went to a Trunk or Treat at a local church. It was raining pretty badly, so we just let the kids play inside. Harbin was excited that they had a treasure map and he could go around and play games to get his map stamped. After 8 stamps he was able to get a prize. He chose a beany baby frog named Prince. He told us it was a Red-eyed Tree frog.

When we got home, we carved pumpkins. Derek and Jamie joined us, athough it was mostly me, Jamie and the kids carving- the boys were watching football. Catherine got attitude, so she had to go to bed, but the next morning she was able to carve her princess. Harbin carved a "smirk". Jamie carved a cat on Lydia's pumpkin but it came out with only a small piece connecting it to the pumpkin and as soon as Lydia awoke the next morning, she pulled it off.

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