Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Fallin'...Now they're Free Fallin'

Scott and his brother Skylar are exactly 2 days shy of 10 years apart. They have grown up celebrating their Nov. 3rd and Nov. 5th birthday together and had vowed to go skydiving for Skylar's 18th birthday. Well, last year, Skylar turned 18, but neither Scott nor Skylar had the Skydiving funds.

So, this year they decided to fulfill their promise to one another and went skydiving 2 days before Skylar's 19th birthday.

We drove out to a small town near here, called Monroe, and arrived at the skydiving place- greeted by about 6 or so parachutes coming out of the sky. The day was beautiful and the guys were super excited about their jump.

We all went into the tandem training room to fill out paperwork and watch the "you can't sue me for ANY reason" video. Lydia was hilarious- when the lady asked who was jumping, she just raised her hand high and said "ME!"- the scary thing is she probably would jump!!!

Anyways, after the video and paperwork, we went back out into the airport hanger area and realized they had halted jumping because of the could cover. Something about it being too dangerous to jump through clouds because low flying planes and gliders couldn't see you when you immersed from the clouds.

We waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. THREE hours total we waited. The kids did really well and enjoyed watching the gliders get pulled up into the sky and then soar back down and land.

Finally the boys geared up and loaded the plane to jump. I guess they were sure about it at this point since they had 3 hours to change their minds. They were both jumping tandem with another instructor and you can see the pics of the instructor giving them last minute reminders on what to do in the air.

Both of them landed safely and I think they had a great time. Scott said that it was a blast but compared it to sledding saying it was a lot of work for just a short moment of fun. They seem to be excited to have done it, but I don't know that they will become "regulars" in the sky.

That's all for now... more in a few days.
The mom.

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