Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall Leaves

It's seems like fall was a bit late coming this year. Even though we're only 2 days away from December, we still haven't had many consecutive days of cold weather. Unfortunately, the random bits of cold weather in conjunction with the heavy rains made for a short amount of tim to enjoy the beautiful leaves changing colors and left piles of dead leaves on the ground.

The kids and I spent some time last week raking leaves and they enjoyed getting to play in the piles of them that we made on the front lawn. Harbin and Catherine also enjoyed walking through the backyard hunting for acorns. As part of our homeschool art lesson, we painted with acorns. I was pretty proud of my ingenius idea (if it's already been thought of, please just let me think it was my idea). We put a piece of construction paper on a cookie sheet. Then we rolled the acorns in paint and the kids rolled them around the cookie sheet. It made some pretty neat pictures and entertained the kids WAY longer than I thought!!!

Anyways, enjoy the pics of the kids outside, since as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter we will spend less and less time out there!!

The mom.

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