Friday, December 11, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

This week has been very long and we have been cooped up in the house A LOT!! All three kids have had pink eye and Harbin had a double ear infection. So, to fill the time we decided to do a few Christmas crafts and preparation for the upcoming holiday.

We attempted to make Christmas cards. Harbin, as usual, was detailed on each card and spent lots of thought cutting, painting, and gluing things onto the cards. This was the first time I let Lydia use the paint- she wasn't too keen on the paintbrush, but instead decided to fingerpaint. Catherine decided to fingerpaint as well, but as you can see in the pics, she brought a whole new meaning to fingerpainting.

The kids were feeling better when Scott got off work on Friday, so we decided to decorate the tree. Since the house is still on the market and most of our stuff is packed in the garage, it's probably the only decorating we will do this year. The kids love going through each ornament and either figuring out who's it is or why we got it. This was Lydia's first year really getting to participate in decorating and you can see that Catherine was kind enough to show her how. Harbin, being the oldest, got to help put the star on the top.

I tried to get a good pic of the three of them, but as usual they just wanted to be silly. I am sure I will try again when they are all in their Christmas outfits, but I think this one is cute for now.

Enjoy and be on the lookout for a lot more exciting Tinney Family updates.
The mom.

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