Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sittin' with Santa

We took advantage of Scott getting half days for the last three days of school and thought we would find shorter lines to see Santa Claus. Thankfully, we were right!! The kids and I met up with Scott and some of his Cross Country and Lacrosse boys and ate lunch at Discover Mills with great anticipation of seeing Santa!!

We wandered across the mall to where Santa was sitting and were pleasantly surprised to see NO line! Lydia ran right up with no fear whatsoever and we had to pull her back and remind her that everyone needed to write their letters first. All the kids had a good time writing and scribbling on their letters to Santa and putting them into the mailbox. I was just glad that Harbin didn't question why we were mailing letters to Santa when he was sitting right there :)

Catherine had some hesitation when it actually came to seeing Santa. She has recently been in a stage where she is quite fearful of new things or new places, so I was impressed when I was actually able to get her to sit on the stool next to Santa.

I was able to snap some really good shots of the kids with Santa and they were so kind to let us spend almost 20 minutes with him taking pictures of each kid with him, picking out suckers, and telling him everything they wanted for Christmas.

Hopefully you all enjoy the pics as much as I did!!
The mom.

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