Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pumpkin Goop

We finally got to carve our hand-picked pumpkins the night before Halloween. Harbin and Catherine picked out what they would carve and this year the kids didn't seem to mind the goop as much. In years past, they wanted to help, but didn't want to touch the inside of the pumpkin. Lydia was hesitant at first, but then seemed to get used to the feel and decided she, too, could help get the goop out.
Lydia ended up getting grumpy and started to whine and get in trouble, so she went to bed before the actual carving started, but Harbin and Catherine stuck it out. They attempted the carving, but decided it was hard to make the knife cut, so Scott and I pretty much did the carving. They were pleased with the outcome and were proud to display them on our porch Halloween night (despite the fact you can't really even see our porch from the road).

Stay tuned for pics of the kids Halloween costumes!
The mom.

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