Thursday, April 5, 2012

Camping at Fall Creek Falls

The weekend before Easter, Lolli and Pop were headed up to Fall Creek Falls to serve food for the High School Youth Camping trip. The kids and I decided to join them, Crickett and Huck for the weekend to enjoy the outdoors, the hiking and just hanging out worshiping with the high schoolers.
We were not so fortunate with the weather, as it rained a lot of the time. However, that didn't seem to slow the kids down. They enjoyed playing on the playground that was just behind our campsite and even Ella kept begging to "play" as she would often come and ask me while pointing to the playground. Ella couldn't go by herself because she was bound and determined to hang from the bar each time before going down the slide and I was petrified she would just slip and hit her head on the way down. Catherine was cute with how many "new friends" she met playing on the playground while Lydia napped.
You can see that Ella enjoyed her time hanging out near the camper and helping to get Huck's milk cup. He kept throwing it and she kept insisting he needed it! She and Lydia also enjoyed making him play ring-around-the-rosie. Even though they practically dragged him around in the circle, he seemed to laugh and giggle and like it as much as they did.
The Falls there are beautiful and although the kids and I didn't tackle the long hike with the high schoolers, we did take a short hike while Ella napped with Lolli back at the camper. We were able to get some beautiful pictures of the waterfall and had some great family time hiking for about a mile. The kids were all about running through the trails and just seeing how far they could get. When we got to see the falls, I said "Wow...can you believe that God could make something so beautiful like this? Do you think you could do that?" Catherine quickly responded by matter-of-factly saying "Well, not that straight." HAHA!!!!
I also got to show my risk-taking side and try out the tightrope that a few of the highschoolers had set up. Ultimately it was a tie-down strap that was wrapped around two trees about 1.5 feet off the ground, but it was so challenging!! I think the record for the weekend was 4 unassisted steps. I took 0 unassisted steps, but managed to walk a little ways just touching someone's shoulder. Once that strap started to wiggle a little, it was so hard to stay on. Catherine tried it multiple times- she never got the courage to go solo, but personally I think she could have done it unassisted. She was awesome at it. I guess all that gymnastics is paying off.
Well stay tuned for more blog posts as the week slows down and I have more time to write about the last month or so. The mom.

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