Sunday, June 17, 2012

Camp Lolli and Pop

While I went on my mission trip to YoungLives Camp, the kids went to "Camp Lolli and Pop". They enjoyed horseback riding at a birthday party, swimming, and getting to see Chris Tomlin at the Riverbend Music Fesitval. I don't have too many pics of them whil they were there (makes sense, since I was in TX), but I do have pictures of them creating their Lolli and Pop camp shirts when they came home. The picture I took of the back of the shirts is hilarious! We were having a hard tim getting Ella to understand that I wanted to see the back of her shirt. So Harbin told her to turn around and show me her butt. So she turned around and tried to pull her shorts up which is why she looks like she is grabbing her behind!!! Oh and the pic you see of my table...well that was the little mishap we had. I asked the kids to bring up my sewing iron and my ironing board. Harbin put the iron on the table and Lydia decided to plug it in---all to be helpful of course. I momentarily smelt burning wood and went into my kitchen to discover the damage. Needless to say I was thinking of refinishing the table for our new kitchen we hope to remodel soon...just didn't think SO soon! The mom.

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